Program 1

500 calories.jpg
500 Calories

Italy / Comedy / 17 mins

Director: Cristina Spina

Writer: Cristina Spina

Producer: Olivia Serafini-Sauli

Cast: Kathleen Chalfant, Yvonne Woods

A human being needs at least 1200 calories a day to live. A woman in the middle of an existential crisis confronts her ballet teacher who had forced her, at the age of 13, to restrict her diet to 500 calories a day.

A Final Message.jpg
A Final Message

United States / Comedy / 4 mins

Director: Matthew Pollock

Writer: Matthew Pollock, Steven LaChioma

Producer: Matthew Pollock

Cast: Avery Monsen, Maria DiDomenico

While grieving the passing of his wife, Josh receives a final message from her in the form of a record with her ashes pressed into them.

A Very Cobra Christmas.jpg
A Very Cobra Christmas

United States / Comedy / 15 mins

Director: Cameron Rice

Writers: Eddie Pence, Jenn Sterger

Producer: Eddie Pence, Jenn Sterger

Cast: Eddie Pence, Jenn Sterger

Cobra Commander, down on his luck, is visited by 3 ghosts who try to teach him the error of his ways. Will he get his life straight in time to give his kid a great Christmas?

After The Egg.jpg
After The Egg

New Zealand / Comedy / 18 mins

Director: Chelsea Slayter 

Writer: Chelsea Slayter

Producer: Jane Davis

Cast: Emily Laurić, William Gruar

A young woman becomes an unlikely caregiver for her estranged father and his new chicken friend after he suffers a life altering stroke.

All the wives in attics.JPG
All The Wives In Attics

United Kingdom / Comedy / 20 mins

Director: Dagmar Scheibenreif

Writer: Sarudzayi Marufu

Producer: Sarudzayi Marufu

Cast: Erika Alexander, John Robbins

This is a relationship. Following a bad break-up, Stella meets David. Every chance encounter can be the beginning of a great love story. All The Wives In Attics explores the thrill of falling in love, and what people have to overcome to hold on to it.

Antique Heroes_edited.jpg
Antique Heroes

Australia / Drama / 14 mins

Director: Caroline McQuade

Writer: Caroline McQuade

Producer: Matthew Phillips

Cast: Fletcher Kennedy, Julia Wilson

An alcoholic comedian and her 10 year old nephew discover that anyone can be a hero... with the right theme song

Break Any Spell.jpg
Break Any Spell

Canada / Fantasy / 13 mins

Director: Anton Jøsef

Writer: Lisi Purr, Anton Jøsef

Producer: Lisi Purr, Pierre Campbell

Cast: Rachel Boyd, Catherine McGregor

When April sets off to battle in the the world of live-action-role-playing, her mother's early-onset Alzheimer's reaches a breaking point.