Program 2

Friday, May 31, 7:05pm


USA / Animation / 3mins

Director: Suyoung Jang

Producer: Ringling College of Art+Design Department

of Computer Animation, Suyoung Jang


In a human generating factory a new woman awakes in a flawed system. But finds she can't achieve her potential until she gets through a giant glass wall. 

The Unstoppable

USA / Drama / 19mins

Director: Diane Paragas

Producer: Cecilia Mejia

Writer: Julianna Greenidge

Cast: Julianna Greenidge, Belle Le Grande, Noah Brown

As a beautiful, eccentric, young dark-skinned girl tries to manage the uncontrollable feelings of her anxiety and depression, she is bullied for her looks and her style to the point where she feels she has no other choice.

GIG$ - Episode One

USA / Comedy / 20mins

Director: Chia Minaya

Producer: Atahra Daily

Writer: Chia Minaya

Cast: Taylor Drew, Elena Barone, Yurie Collins

GIG$ is a comedy series about Bella London a recent college graduate residing in New York City. After being kicked out from home by her mother for her lazy and slacker ways, Bella, homeless and unemployed must find a way to make money. In her journey she meets a bunch of odd characters and takes on strange jobs that keeps her questioning the meaning of normalcy.


USA / Short / 10mins

Director: Kevin Barber

Producer: Kevin Barber

Writer: Kevin Barber

Cast: Kelsey Petersen, Jeffery Ostermueller

An amateur model gets the big break she's been waiting for.


USA / Drama / 10mins

Director: Michael Capone

Producer: Niki Janowski

Writer: Michael Capone

Cast: Susan Gallagher, Jon Shaver, John Patrick Hayden

As a couple searches a remote corner of Pennsylvania for their missing daughter, family secrets spill out into the open, fracturing everyone’s sense of reality.

The Painting

USA / Drama / 13mins

Director: Matteo Belletta

Producer: Jeremy Levy

Writer: Matteo Belletta

Cast: Kervin Peralta, Brendan Macgowan

Liam is struggling with his new painting and can't find the inspiration he needs. He will discover that boredom and the lack of motivation is more dangerous than he ever thought.

Is this Love?

USA / Music Video / 4mins

Director: Adrien Boublil

Producer: Joe Bohn, Atkin Korkis

Writer: Adrien Boublil

Cast: Maxime Boublil, Massa Daoud, Jazz Egger

Max's infatuation for his childhood crush never stops growing. Is this what love is?

The Neighbors' Window

USA / Drama / 20mins

Director: Marshall Curry

Producer: Marshall Curry, Elizabeth Martin, Jonathan Olson

Writer: Marshall Curry

Cast: Maria Dizzia, Greg Keller, Juliana Canfield

The story of a middle aged woman with small children whose life is shaken up when two free-spirited twenty-somethings move in across the street. It is the first foray into fiction by three-time Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker, Marshall Curry.

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