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Monday, June 3, 7:05pm Program 11

USA / Drama / 12mins

Skin the Wire

The day starts off with a challenge for Ashlie: Have sex with Vincent as dared by best friend Rachel. After all, Rachel is going to with Nathan. The four small-town teens go to the county fair and stumble across the freak show. Body modification meets gender variance meets artistry. Ashlie's finite concerns begin to shift and, by the time she wins the hardest game at the fair, the Wacky Wire, Ashlie realizes something even deeper about herself.

Director: Erin Greenwell

Producer: Vanessa Haroutunian

Writer: Erin Greenwell

Cast: Elizabeth Scopel, Maddie Small, Declan Eells

USA / Comedy  / 9mins


A procrastinating writer sleeps his life away on the New York City Subway.

Director: Cooper Haskell

Writer: Cooper Haskell

USA / Drama  / 12mins

Friendly Neighborhood Coven

A film about women and the power they have when they unite to help one another.

Director: Michelle Bossy

Producer: Mara Kassin, Rabia Sultana, 

Writer: Caroline V. McGraw

Cast: Sandy Bainum, Tonye Patano,  Sally Struthers, Annie Henk, Nicole Mangi, Erin Wilhelmi

USA / Drama / 18mins

On Our Way

A film about fathers and sons and the expectations they put on themselves and each other. Richie has to pick his dad Gerry up from the dentist's at high rush hour. They don't talk a lot, but tonight they'll have to.

Director: Gregory Brecher

Producer: Johan Matton, Linnea Larsdotter

Writer: Gregory Brecher

Cast: Reed Birney, Nathan Wallace, Aimee O'Sullivan

USA / Drama / 13mins

Guided By Voices

Vivian and Carter are soulmates living their best lives in New York. They have creative jobs, great friends, and a couple of thoughtful spirit guides. The only thing missing is love in a fulfilling relationship with each other, if only their spirit guides could get them to meet.

Director: Danny Oakden

Producer: Danny Oakden, Joe Tribble, James Halpin

Writer: Maria Knox

Cast: Gabriel Sedgemore, Josh Rhett Noble, Maria Knox

USA / Comedy / 12mins

Coffee and a Donut

A story of a young immigrant who knows no English, and his trials in....ordering breakfast at the local diner.

Director: Cary Patrick Martin

Producer: Cary Patrick Martin, Laura Durkay, Jun Chen

Writer: Cary Patrick Martin

Cast: Memo, Deirdre MacNamara, Rocío Mendez

USA / Drama / 10mins

The Short Goodbye

In the midst of a crippling state of writer’s block, film noir-obsessed Trevor gets a text message from his girlfriend: “It’s over. I’m sorry.” The shock sends him spiraling into his own noir fantasy where he must get to the bottom of this mysterious message. But while in his mind he suavely navigates bartenders, gossip columnists, boxers, and risque photographers, in reality, his real problem is that he cannot see what a mess he is.

Director: Kate Eminger

Producer: Jackie Heltz, Janne Ebel

Writer: Alex Kveton

Director of Photography: Janne Ebel

Cast: Michael Axtell, Joe Dunn, Ashley Underwood, Jake McCready, Ellie MacPherson, Kayla Berghoff