Program 12

Monday, June 3, 9:15pm


USA / Horror/Suspense / 3mins

Director: Bobby Serros

Writer: Bobby Serros

Producer: Mandi Rokx

Cast: Ashley Dougherty, Freddie Jarret

A young father will do anything to protect his family, even if it means losing his mind.


USA / Horror/Suspense / 29mins

Director: Grant Swanson

Writer: Grant Swanson

A teenager moves to New York by himself, and soon suspects his apartment is haunted by a woman who used to live there.

The Woods

USA / Horror/Suspense  / 4mins

Director: Robbie Lemieux

Producer: Robbie Lemieux, Laurel Kulow

Writer: Robbie Lemieux

Cast:Jeanna Schweppe, Maggie Stack

A mother is thrust into a nightmare scenario while vacationing at a cabin in the woods with her young daughter.

One Last Spin

USA / Horror/Suspense / 20mins

Director: Ali Matlock

Producer: Ali Matlock, Matt Brucato

Writer: Ali Matlock, Jubei Powers

Cast: Lamar Cheston, Amy Lopatin, Kianee Truvillion

An engaged couple struggling with the financial pressures of the upcoming celebration, receive an unsolicited package. The package contains a peculiar item that has the potential to change their lives significantly.


USA / Drama / 13mins

Director: Anthony Grasso

Producer: Kristin Samuelson, Anna Just

Writer: Kristin Samuelson

Cast: Kristin Samuelson, Anthony Grasso, Anna Just

Inspired by real people and recent political events. An expat Russian hacker who is wanted for extradition back to Russia finds himself trapped into working for an attractive Ukrainian Counsellor and a powerful US Senator.


USA / Drama / 14mins

Director: Joan Stein Schimke

Cast: Laith Nakli, May Elcalamawy, Rasha Zamamiri

...when war and loss become one.

The Garden

USA / Drama / 7mins

Director: Ed Heavey

Producer: Ed Heavey, Michael Leavy, Jason Leavy

Writer: Ed Heavey

Cast: Laura Lanza, Cherie Mendez, Michael Leavy, Avery Illardi

A day in the life of a man with PTSD.

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