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Tuesday, June 4, 7:05pm Program 14

USA / Drama / 9mins


Near his campsite under a bridge, Kenny makes a discovery that changes his lonely existence and must work to create a space in the world for his new life.

Director: Andrew Brame

Cast: Manny Fernandes


USA / Comedy, Drama / 22mins


Upon the discovery of his estranged father’s death, a jaded therapist with a severe speech impairment is forced to confront former childhood traumas. The event suddenly unearths a slew of latent emotions which triggers the return of his stutter, drastically affects his behavior and forces him to contemplate the unresolved issues from his past.

Director: Dan Michael

Producer: Dan Michael, Alex Scigliano, Billy Cadden

Writer: Dan Michael

Cast: Alex Scigliano, Danny Schwarz, Elizabeth Officer

USA / Drama / 11mins


After the unexpected death of her father, Zoe grapples with the loss whilst trying to connect with her mother.

Director: Jade Courtney Edwards

Producer: Kristin Kohlmeyer, Grace Merriman

Writer: Jade Courtney Edwards

Cast: Marie Botha, Blanche Baker

USA / Drama / 9mins


After undergoing self-transformation therapy, a successful career woman is visited by an Indian classical dancer, forcing her to confront herself in a way she never expected. 

Director: Gayatri Bahl

Producer: Gayatri Bahl, Anuj Goyal

Writer: Gayatri Bahl

Cast: Gayatri Bahl, Shalini Bathina, Sarah Baskin

USA / Comedy / 3mins

Don't Film Me!

Cellphone, obsession and abuse of power, these are what this little funny film is about.

Director: Lin Qiying

Producer: Lin Qiying

Writer: Lin Qiying

Cast: Brian Reilly, Amiro Mo, Drake Burnette

USA / Drama / 8mins

Kid, the Moon

"Kid, the Moon," a short drama, about a teenage boy living with his alcoholic father. After Alex gets locked out of the house believing no one to be home, he hears a noise coming from inside the house. Alex's father, Ron, comes storming out of the house and brings Alex to a liquor store.

Director: Justin Portaro

Producer: Joshua David

Writer: Justin Portaro

Cast: Kai Nichols, Joe Walz, Christopher J. Ortore

USA / Drama / 27mins

Big Fish

The single, middle-aged Mr. Zhang is an old immigrant who came to New York from Guangdong. He works at the seafood counter of a Chinatown supermarket to kill fish for customers. One Sunday at noon, his son, Xingzai, suddenly appears at this busy place. Normally, Xingzai lives at his uncle's house. On this day, he comes to the supermarket to make his Dad realize the promise of taking him to the East River for fishing. The lively child is just like an "intruder," breaking the daily routine of Mr. Zhang.

Director: Siyuan Xu

Producer: Kaiwen Chen, Branton Choi

Writer: Siyuan Xu

Cast: Bruce Lin, Joshua Hao

USA / Drama / 7mins


Willie is preparing for his daughter's birthday party when a young woman named Hannah interrupts him. Hannah begins to edit Willie's world in increasingly surreal ways, from turning flowers into flour to conjuring a bouncy castle against his will. Despite Willie's frustrations, the two are finally able to get along and dance. 

Director: Shannon Walsh, Ariella Mastroianni

Producer: Andrew Morisson

Writer: Shannon Walsh

Cast: Roland Sands