Program 15

Tuesday, June 4, 9:15pm

Extra Toppings

USA / Comedy / 11mins

Director: Alex Backstrom

Writer: Alex Backstrom

Cast: Faith Kelly, Damian Muziani

In a sinless town where pizza shops run like organized crime families, a wild driver must prove herself in more way than one to the Corleone like owner of Tony P’s.

Walk of Fame

USA / Drama / 12mins

Director: Blaine Morris

Producer: Blaine Morris

Writer: Blaine Morris

Cast: Diana Hinojosa, Camrus Johnson, Jill Shackner

When her best friend abandons her in a boy band’s hotel room, Randi, a loyal wing-woman, navigates the sexual implications of being alone with a famous boy band member.

If Only We Met Sooner

USA / Drama / 8mins

Director: Austin Chen

Days before going off to college, a girl discovers the fleeting nature of summer when pursuing a night long romance.

Keep Going Joon

USA / Drama / 26mins

Director: Cedar Daniels

Producer: Cedar Daniels, Ryan Parks

Writer: Cedar Daniels, Brandon Beilis

Cast: Brandon Beilis, Stephanie Kurtzuba, Todd Alan Crain

Juniper, a middle-age father, severely injures himself playing his favorite Tuesday night pick-up basketball game. After surgery to repair his torn ACL, he goes through a tedious rehab to get back to his beloved pastime; only to injure himself again ... and then again. Each surgery causes him to confront his love for the game and his wife’s hope that he’ll stop playing.


USA / Drama / 12mins

Director: Juan del Rio

Writer: Jose Iglesias

World War II. A forest. A river. Nobody shall reach the other side. This is the story of a mission apparently simple, and the soldier in charge of it, who has been alone for way too long.

Private Barry

USA / Drama / 26mins

Director: Tyler Szuch

Writer: Tyler Szuch

Producer: Tyler Szuch

Cast: Ignacyo Matynia, Thea McCartan, Taylor Karin

A newly assigned Casualty Notification Officer for the United States Army struggles to cope with the horrors of visiting families on the worst day of their lives.

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