Program 16

Wednesday, June 5, 4:55pm

Find Harbour for a Day

France / Drama /  25mins

Director: Paul Marques Duarte

Writer: Guentch Thomas

Cast: Marie Bunel, Ali Marhyar, Victor Bonnel

When Adèle, an english teacher, spontaneously lets a young 15 years old migrant, illegaly board a ferry for england with her class, she is far from grasping the importance of her gesture and its consequences on this overnight trip.

Red Watch

USA / Spoken Word, Poetry / 4mins

Director: David Kennedy

Producer: Cindy Wathen-Kennedy

Writer: Kyla Kennedy

A spoken word short film

Midnight Moth

USA / Drama / 8mins

Director: Tursun Sadykov

Producer: Perry Jones

Writer: Tursun Sadykov

Cast: Jamael Stuart, Tursun Sadykov

A graffiti artist gathers a group inspired by an artist named Raii to continue a lost art form.

Lonely People Exercising to Sad Music

Canada  / Comedy / 7mins

Director: Kaytlyn Turner

Lonely People Exercising to Sad Music.


Germany / Comedy / 4mins

Director: Johann Buchholz

Producer: Johann Buchholz

DP: Micheal Cotschi

Writer: Tiphaine Dona

Cast: Elina Waska, Esben Smed

It's the story about a man and a woman at couple's therapy and how sick love can get. 

The Most Interesting...

Canada / Comedy / 5mins

Director: Doug Sutherland

Producer: Doug Sutherland

Writer: Doug Sutherland

Cast: Doug Sutherland

FULL TITLE: The Most Interesting Film Director in the World

We talk to legendary director Alejandro y Montoya de la Vega about the future of cinema in the 21st century.


United Kingdom / Comedy / 16mins

Director: Duncan Roe

Producer: Duncan Roe, Katie Redford

Writer: Duncan Roe, Katie Redford

Cast: Alison Steadman

Ghosted is a mockumentary comedy about a woman who turns to the world of the paranormal after losing her husband.


USA / Comedy / 9mins

Director: Marissa High

Producer: Marissa High, Lauren Gaudite

Writer: Marissa High

Cast: Kelli Jordan, Dennis Pearson, Sarah Marcum 

Abby & Chris are pushed together romantically by their friends, but neither have dated within their race before. They confront their vulnerabilities and explore their relationship experiences.

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