Program 17

Wednesday, June 5, 7:05pm

What If...Then What?

USA / Drama /  14mins

Director: Squeaky Moore

Executive Producer: Cheryl Howard

Producer: Marie Lewis, Phillipa Foreman, Squeaky Moore

Writer: Squeaky Moore

Cast: Farren Howard, Michai White, Squeaky Moore, Elijah Freeman, Howie Sheard, Samuel Amuti

What if…Then What? is a dramatic story of a friendship being torn apart by change. It follows 11-year-old, Cameron Walker and his friendship with Kyle Morris. Cameron is aware that they are growing apart from one another which started when Kyle joined the school’s basketball team.

First Seating: A New York Fable

USA / Drama / 13mins

Director: Mac Brydon

Producer: Byrdmanco, Lafayette Salon Films

Writer: Jane Cortney

Cast: Diánna Martin, Stewart Walker, Jane Cortney

Quarreling neighbors meet in a local restaurant.

Third Party Witness

USA / Drama / 11mins

Director: William Pace

Producer: William Pace, Thomas Rondinella

Writer: William Pace

Cast: Jennifer Heaton, Ned Pryce, Robert Gregory

Two young lawyers meet to take the deposition of a witness with a secret... only to discover the truth of their own.


USA / Drama / 16mins

Director: Zolian Yunfan Hu

Producer: Nick Sakai

Writer: Richard Alfredo

Cast: James Chen, Ayesha Adamo

Casey, a wealthy architect, frustrated by the confinement of his wheelchair confronts his wife, Jayne, about his assumption that she has been unfaithful. A quarrel erupts over the nature of their marriage, and whether or not to adopt a child into a household where there is already misplaced caretaking. The fight escalates into physical violence leaving them both with a new understanding of their relationship to one another.

Faceblind Love

USA / Comedy / 12mins

Director: Trevor Williams

Producer: Lauren Greenhall, Conner Thompson

Writer: Trevor Williams, Lauren Ireland

Cast: Casey Jost, Lauren Ireland

Paying homage to the likes of Howard Hawks, "Faceblind Love" is a screwball comedy of errors centered around a love/hate relationship between two people who share a rare neurological condition. Faceblindness impairs your ability to recognize faces, even ones you see every day. In this film, two faceblind roommates hate each other but are also involved in a romantic relationship unbeknownst to them.

Walk With Me

USA / Drama / 9mins

Director: Allan Tsao

Producer: 1989 Films

Writer: Allan Tsao

Cast: Perry Tsao, Meejee Kim

A chance encounter between two strangers lead to a romantic adventure around New York City.

In Absentia

USA / Drama / 17mins

Director: Bichen Yang

Producer: Yang Jin, Zichen Liang

Cast: Jeff Miller, Yueqing Yang

A Chinese father (Xiong) is searching for his missing daughter (Tong) in the US. The college's dean (Joseph) tells him that his daughter is not missing. 

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