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Wednesday, June 5, 9:15pm Program 18

USA / Comedy/  6mins

The $500 Dress

Sally finds the perfect dress for her but she can't afford it and tries to persuade her best friend, Vicky, to lend her the money. But Vicky is too preoccupied with packing and trying to get out of town to listen.

Director: Andrew Damon Henriques

Producer: Andrew Damon Henriques

Writer: Andrew Damon Henriques

Cast: Pamela Macey, Jazmine Cornielle

USA / Comedy/  4mins

Tight Spot

Shining the shoes of a walk-in customer, a shiner discovers his client’s dark secret.

Director: Kevin Haefelin

Producer: Christina Wood

Writer: Kevin Haefelin

Cast: Didier Flamand, Sean-Michael Wilkinson

USA / Drama / 23mins

Three Kings

“Three Kings” deals with a dysfunctional family struggling to cope with the news that one of their own is rapidly disintegrating from Dementia. “Three Kings” shows the human side of an imperfect family as they go through denial, resistance, disbelief, anger, laughter and finally acceptance of her fate. All of this is wrapped within an Italian American Christmas Eve with the Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Director: David Bellantoni

Producer: David Bellantoni

Writer: David Bellantoni

Cast: Daniel O'Shea, Susan McDonald

USA / Drama / 15mins

Rockaway Sunset

When a feisty woman is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she resolves to reach a family milestone only to be sidetracked by a chance meeting with a stranger who nearly kills her.

Director: PJ Landers

Producer: PJ Landers, Yasmin Siddiqui

Writer: PJ Landers

Cast: Carole Montgomery, Kc Arora

USA / Comedy / 13mins

Flight Test

Friends so long you don't have a choice.

Director: David Rood-Ojalvo

Producer: Alice Buttrick, Ben & Daniel Rood-Ojalvo

Writer: David Rood-Ojalvo

Cast: Ari Brand, Jon Leland, Diego Ortiz, Amal White

USA / Drama / 4mins


As the audition tape continues to roll, a casting director and producer are caught candidly discussing the repercussions of casting a mixed-race actress.

Director: Cynthia Silver

Producer: Camden Elizabeth, Paul Marcarelli

Writer: Charlotte Martin

Cast: Charlotte Martin, Meghan Rafferty

USA / Comedy / 6mins

Pretty People Inc.

A docu-series about a talent booking agency that represents former reality stars trying to hold on to their fifteen minutes of fame.

Director: Matt Newton, Douglas Keeve

Producer: Ellyn Vander Wyden, Betsy Schechter 

Writer: Meredith Handerhan, Allison Poccia

Cast: Allison Poccia, Meredith Handerhan, Cody Calafiore

USA / Documentary / 8mins

True Stories by Joe

Joe tells funny and true stories about growing up in Italian Harlem in the 1940's.

Director: Joe Zito 

USA / Sci Fi / 15mins

The Chosen

After spending 40 years on earth searching for a worthy human to bestow a powerful gift. Aliens decide it may be too late to save mankind from something called “The Entity”

Director: Donnell v henry

Producer: Donnell v henry

Writer: Donnell v henry

Cast: Frank galdorise