Program 19

Thursday, June 6, 4:55pm


Canada / Animation /  5mins

Director: David Barlow-Krelina

Producer: David Barlow-Krelina

Writer: David Barlow-Krelina

Caterpillarplasty is an otherworldly take on beauty ideologies blown out of proportion. In an advanced technological society where the caterpillar has special significance, the people desire metamorphosis.

Black or Latina

USA / Drama /  15mins

Director: Karent Hinestroza

Producer: Karent Hinestroza, N-Phase Produccion

Writer: Karent Hinestroza

Cast: Karent Hinestroza, Winnie Wang

What began as a simple audition day in New York for a Colombian actress, ends in a confrontation of being Latina but Black outside of Latin America.

A Prince Is...

USA / Drama / 9mins

Director: Bryan Sih

Producer: Sarah Jibrin, Michael Jibrin

Writer: Bryan Sih, Michael Jibrin

Cast: Natalie Hebert, Michael Jibrin

FULL TITLE: A Prince Is Not Respected In His Hometown

A black man in a hoodie mutters to himself on an overpass, causing passerby's concern. Is this a harmful stereotype or a well-rehearsed monologue? The hooded figure, Ben, grapples with being typecast in the limited roles offered to African Americans while embracing his roots as a Nigerian immigrant. 

Lost Steps

Sweden / Animation / 11mins

Director: N/A

Producer: N/A

Writer: N/A

Lost steps is a film about a life lived, about time, love gone by, and about a man wandering in a park. 
He sets out to meet someone, though he isn’t sure of whom. 

With Me

USA /Canada/ Music Video / 7mins

Director: Weyni Mengesha

Producer: Josh Epstein, Jameson Parker, Chilina Kennedy, Dan Mangan

Writer: Amiel Gladstone

Cast: Chilina Kennedy, Dan Mangan

Inspired by and featuring the songs of Dan Mangan, told with raw emotion, humour and insight. A rock music/film fusion that is an intimate and heartfelt exploration of sorrow and longing and our understanding of contemporary relationships.

[Still] love you

Spain / Drama / 30mins

Director: Fernando Bonelli

Producer: Mayfield Pictures

Writer: Fernando Bonelli

Cast: Miki Esparbé, Eva Rufo, Meritxell Calvo

After a year and a half away, Juan decides to go home to Madrid. To celebrate his return, he takes his good friend Veki out to dinner, in a favourite restaurant of his. But fate´s bringing along another guest.

Keep It Light

Switzerland / Drama / 20mins

Director: Malika Pellicioli

Producer: Pierre-André Thiébaut

Writer: Malika Pellicioli, Marina Rollman

Cast: Aude Bourrier, Baptsite Gilléron

Beibhinn, a young American, meets Côme during her trip in Europe. It's love at first sight! But not only between them. For her, life in Switzerland suddenly makes sense. That's why she decides to follow her natural exuberance and to marry this young man she barely knows...

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