Program 20

Thursday, June 6, 7:05pm


USA / Animation /  5mins

Director: Scott Farrell

After countless blind dates that have gone poorly, Bernard swears that his next date will be "the one." But could her flaw be too much for him to overcome?  Bristled is a hand drawn comedic short film that deals the way we perceive others as well as ourselves.

First Year Teacher

USA / Comedy / 7mins

Director: Michael  DeMinico

Producer: Michael DeMinico, John Fitzgerald

Writer: Michael DeMinico, Gardiner Comfort

Cast: Gardiner Comfort

A first year teacher takes a unique approach in preparing for his first day of school. 

A Magnificent Gray

USA / Drama / 13mins

Director: Jason Millner

Producer: Irina Gorovaia, Jason Millner, 

Fig Chilcott

Writer: Jason Millner

Cast: Irina Gorovaia, Jason Millner

A priest and a nun run away together but are forced to question their decision in the face of what seems to be divine intervention.

Far From Ordinary

USA / Drama / 13mins

Director: Paul Bugarin

Producer: Finn Pfeffer, Paul Bugarin

Writer: Paul Bugarin

Cast: Dylan Goodwin, Ben Steinhoff

David Thompson is an unassuming outsider who is about to embark on a big time project that will change his life forever. He updates his social media followers of his progress every step of the way. Meanwhile, his carefree and outgoing older brother Evan pays him a visit, and shows him the cold, empty realities of today's high paced, technologically dependent world.

Cheer Up, Charlie

USA / Comedy / 11mins

Director: Carmen LoBue

Producer: Kara Grace Miller, Monica Arsenault

Writer: Kara Grace Miller, Anthony Holiday

Cast: Kara Grace Miller, Mary McCann

A bright-eyed 20-year-old puts her dream on hold to pay her family's medical bills in the fastest way she knows how; dealing drugs.

Run The Meter

USA / Documentary / 38mins

Director: Rebecca Blandón

Producer: Rebecca Blandón

In a time when their livelihood is threatened by the proliferation of app cars roaming the streets, New York City’s yellow taxi drivers are being driven to do whatever it takes to cope with an unexpected turn after decades of riding their own American Dream.

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