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Thursday, June 6, 9:15pm Program 21

USA / Comedy /  14mins

Baby Crabby Pants

A 100 year old vaudevillian reality TV star becomes America's newest sweetheart leading her to seek higher office.

Director/Writer: Nan Schimid

Producer: Nan Schimid, Jim Anzide, Melanie Jeffcoat

Cast: Melanie Jeffcoat, Nan Schmid, Renne Albert, Jim Anzide

USA / Comedy /  25mins

Hurry Up & Wait

It's another New Year's Eve, and Patrick's 'woke' roommate, Corey, has dragged him out to party. When Patrick comes face to face with his high school crush will be be able to overcome his social anxiety? Or is he doomed to spend another year stuck in the past?

Director: Riley J. Ewing

Producer: Aftab Asghar, Riley J. Ewing Heerak Shah, Priyanka Shah, Sumend Wankhade

Writer: Riley J. Ewing, Joe Virgo

Cast: Matt Curiano, Hayden Stearns, Kea Trevett, Joy Del Valle

USA / Drama / 9mins

You Can't Always...

FULL TITLE: You Can't Always Get What You Want


A Marine father tries to reconcile with his estranged daughter before it’s too late.

Director/Writer: Anthony Bertram

Producer: Tiffany Boorn

Cast: Ralph Hirtler, Rachel Errington, Tod Engle, Meredyth Kenney, Gary Hilborn, Charles Black, Rose Lamoureux, Jim DiMunno

USA / Drama / 9mins


A dark glimpse into the moment that an outsider is forced into the unforgiving world of social media prank videos.

Director/Writer: Johnny Coughlin

Producer: Johnny Coughlin

Cast: Jacob Lovett

USA / Comedy / 15mins


Shay is in a bit of a pickle. She’s almost 9 months pregnant, doesn’t know who the dad is, has super powers that are getting stronger by the second, and her mom is yelling at her. It’s a lot for a 17 year old to take on, but Shay knows she has everything under control. Well, as under control as things can be after she’s shattered a table and run away from home.

Director: Gracie Giffune

Producer: Celeste Erlander

Writer: Krista Ray

Cast: Leanne Velednitsky

USA / Experimental / 4mins


A fashion film/music video exploring the amnesia inspired journey of a group of chosen family time travelers that descend into present day New York City. As travelers they search for meaning, basic necessities, human connection, and joy on their journey. This film explores the non linear concept of time, and the human desire to be in various realities, past, present, and future, as a survival construct of the human condition.

Director/Writer: Breton Tyner-Bryan

Producer: Breton Tyner-Bryan

Cast: Breton Tyner-Bryan, Michael Blake, Pauline Garris Brown, James Jude Johnson , Emily Ulrich

USA / Comedy / 5mins

Horror Anonymous

A group of over-the-top horror addicts attends a therapy session to try to chase away their demons.

Director/Writer: Jim Harkins

Producer: Jim Harkins

Cast: Patrick Shane, Samantha Rivers Cole

USA / Comedy / 7mins


Clarissa, a college freshman, takes her best friend Leah to her first frat party. Clarissa, who is sexually active, hooks up with a fraternity brother Jason. Meanwhile, Leah who is socially awkward meets a fraternity brother named Greg. Trouble arises when Jason's girlfriend unwittingly interrupts Clarissa and Jason's make out affair. Greg tries to seduce Leah, but instead Leah feels extremely uncomfortable further enforcing her opinion that all guys are ill intended.

Director: Anthony Patellis

Producer: Brittany Portman

Writer: Brittany Portman

Cast: Chelsea Stavis, Kyle Hughes

USA / Animation / 6mins

I'm OK

Following the end of a fiery and passionate love affair with Alma Mahler, Austrian Expressionist artist Oskar Kokoschka enlists to fight in the First World War. During battle he suffers serious wounds, and as the medics rush the injured Kokoschka through the forests of the Russian front, he is overtaken by a fever of fleeting memories and visions. Playful, imaginative and audacious, I’m OK explores the visible and invisible wounds of heartbreak and trauma.

Director/Writer: Elizabeth Hobbs

Producer: Elizabeth Hobbs