Program 4

Saturday, June 1, 4:55pm

Wolf Sheep Cabbage

USA / Drama / 15mins

Director: Goran Ribarić

Producer: Ivana Grubišić Perišić

Writer: Goran Ribarić, Ivana Vuković

Cast: Gracian Kovač, Dijana Vidušić, Robert Ugrina

Based on autobiographical motifs. Mark is a young boy who spends his free time on the bus, circling his route. Other passengers are not helping him in solving the seemingly impossible riddle that his favorite bus driver has given him. The driver shifts are changing, the passengers are leaving and evening is coming, but Mark never goes out.

Street Ships

USA / Drama / 19mins

Director: Jamie Brindle

Producer: Regan A. Young, John O.S. Houston

Writer: John O.S. Houston

Cast: Kanani Rose, Stephen Todt, Mike McKee

Life-long neighbors Alex and Jenna turn an otherwise ordinary childhood into a life of fantastical journeys with their imaginations. Toy blocks and castles give way to first cars and street ships as the two learn the bigger they allow themselves to dream, the better they cope with whatever life brings. Director Jamie Brindle brings the words of John Houston to life through colorful imagery and VFX in the 17 minute short film, Street Ships.

Paper Birds

USA / Drama / 16mins

Director: Lauren Finerman

Producer: Chris Walters

Writer: Lauren Finerman

Cast: Anna Maiche, Richie Gaona

Hollywood TV starlet Virginia Day is out on her luck after being fired from her television show. Desperate to stay relevant in the public eye, she agrees to perform with the Champy Family Circus in hopes it will get her face back in the spotlight. With her career on the line, Virginia Day struggles to find her inner strength in order to accomplish a seemingly impossible task: make a catch on the flying trapeze 30 feet in the air.

Virtual Boys

USA / Comedy / 11mins

Director: Adam Loder

Producer: Maxine Laube

Writer: Adam Loder

Cast: Aiden Berryman, Yates Warren, Ryan Alessi, Aden Schwartz, Sheadan Gabriel

A coming of age story about an adventurous boy fighting to stay young in a new technological era.

Ladies Most Deject

USA / Drama / 16mins

Director: Martha Elcan

Producer: Mark Salyer

Writer: Conner Wharton, Conner Wharton

Cast:Conner Wharton, Pepper Binkley, Robin Mullins

A teenage girl from the Appalachian mountains struggles to protect her siblings from an addict mother.

Fish Cracker

USA / Drama / 14mins

Director: Yiğit Evgar

Producer: Yiğit Evgar

Writer: Yiğit Evgar

Cast: Alihan Turkdemir, Elif Dundar, Okan Yalabık

A brother (8) and sister (14) left their home after the sudden break-up of their parents, and revisit as ‘guests’. The return is to bid farewell to their father before they move out of the city with their mother.

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