Program 5

Saturday, June 1, 7:05pm

Death Suit

USA / Experimental / 17mins

Director: Joseph Ralko

Producer: Jane Raab, Heidi Pena, Robert Cuollo

Writer: Joseph Ralko

Cast: Imani Hanson, Lily Buchanan, Lily Buchanan, Heidi Pena

Death Suit tells the story of a young boy who falls in love with a new suit while dealing with the death of his older brother.

Highly Recommended

USA / Comedy  / 15mins

Director: Gianluca Randazzo

Producer: Jake Wells, Gianluca Randazzo

Writer: Jake Wells

Cast: Jake Wells, Isabelle Owens, Tim Snoha, Jimmy Dalton

A young father on a business trip struggles to call 911 after discovering his AirBnb host is dead.

Mouchette on East 4th

USA / Drama / 15mins

Director: Gaby Leyner

Producer: Phoenix Skye Maulella

Writer: Gaby Leyner 

Cast: Hannah Rose Ammon, Peter Falls, Joshua Cameron 

Lilah and Dan, two film students, go for drinks after their second dinner date. Dan's remarks and his conversation with his friend, the bartender, become increasingly condescending and vaguely misogynistic. Lilah offers, as a rebuke, her inspired reenactment of the climactic scene from a classic French movie about a silenced young woman

White Flags

USA / Drama / 16mins

Director: Luke Harlan

Producer: Alexandra Cadena, James Brown III

Writer: Sean Patrick Higgins, Shaunette Renée Wilson

Cast: Sean Patrick Higgins, Shaunette Renée Wilson

A new romance begins to spark after a friend sets Him and Her up on a first date, leading to a second, a third, a fourth. Over the course of a few weeks, the spark grows, their connection deepens, and momentum builds leading to an encounter that leaves Her in a state of confusion and shock. White Flags is a study on the complexities of consent, and an unflinching look at modern dating culture.

The Comedown

USA / Drama / 10mins

Director: Bettina Bilger

Producer: Sean Lawrence Smith

Writer: Bettina Bilger, Kelly Tuohy

Cast: Kelly Tuohy, Kevin Kane, Booker Garrett

Falling in love backwards.


USA / Drama / 11mins

Director: Sam Sulam

Producer: Shaheryar Malik

Writer: Sam Sulam, Shaheryar Malik

Cast: Ramy Youseif, Sam Shoubber

Things go terribly wrong when Sherif, an Egyptian Rideshare Driver, looks in his backseat and realizes his passenger is no longer breathing. The only chance he has to avoid deportation is to team up with his grumpy friend Karim.

Can You Hear Me?

USA / Drama / 6mins

Director: King Lu

Producer: Taylor Mendonca

Writer: King Lu

Cast: John Austin Wiggins, Kate Kesselman, Lesley Young, Nico Kiefer

George Mallory is on his way to pick up his daughter from school when he receives text messages from her suggesting that a school shooting is happening.

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