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Saturday, June 1, 9:15pm Program 6

USA / Comedy / 6mins

The Replacement

While fending off the office bully, a business exec must help the front desk face his possible firing and replacement.

Director: Michael Pizzano

Producer: Michael Pizzano

Writer: Michael Pizzano

Cast: Dipa Anitia, Colin Waitt, Ryan Lee Dunlap

USA / Comedy  / 6mins

Audition Antics

David is on his first audition in New York City. Along the way he encounter's several people in audition waiting room and wonder's if this is what all auditions are like.

Director: Becca Beberaggi

Producer: Kisha Peart

Writer: Kisha Peart

Cast: Kisha Angela Peart, Hallie Griffin, Nick Marchetti

USA / Drama / 9mins


Bishop is something of a local legend for his enthusiastic and singular techniques when it comes to panhandling in a now up and coming Brooklyn neighborhood. When his corner bodega closes early, he strikes up a conversation with Jeff, a guitar player who performs at a nearby restaurant twice a week.

Director: Eric Wang Schwager

Producer: Eric Wang Schwager

Writer: Eric Wang Schwager

Cast: Frantzdy Alexandre, Aaron Kitchin, Lee Garr

USA / Drama / 15mins

End of Summer

On the way to college, Dawn's life is flipped upside down when her father is struck by a heart attack in the middle of the desert.

Director: Serena Kuo

Producer: Roxy Shih

Writer: Serena Kuo

Cast: Barney Cheng, Leann Lei, Terry Hu

USA / Comedy / 10mins

Master Yoshi's Terrible Day

After a humiliating defeat in front of his students, a delusional martial arts master struggles to regain his purpose. Inspired by true events.

Director: Ken Lin

Producer: Melissa McIntyre, Jun Suenaga

Writer: Ken Lin

Cast: Jun Suenaga, Taku Hirai, Sibyl Santiago

USA / Drama / 15mins

The Vanishing Princess

On a theatre stage, a princess lives alone in a tower. When two soldiers happen upon her, they are intrigued by how little she knows or needs. A darkly comedic tale about a woman who discovers she exists.

Director: Makenzie Leigh

Producer: Marissa Velez Kraxberger

Writer: Makenzie Leigh

Cast: Victoria Hamilton, Makenzie Leigh

USA / Comedy / 4mins


Hofta, an average woman on her way home from work, experiences a troubling train delay.

Director: Riley Cecil Taggart

Producer: Phil Meister

Writer: Caitlin Dullea

Cast: Caitlin Dullea, Thomas Frances, Ryland Duncan

USA / Comedy / 9mins

Love You Tyler

When Luke starts to talk about his new girlfriend, Tyler, who happens to have the same name and career as his roommate, things get a little awkward.

Director: Ari Itkin, Devon Diffenderfer

Producer: Devon Diffenderfer, Julia Faller

Writer: Devon Diffenderfer

Cast: Devon Diffenderfer, Ryan Pater

USA / Comedy / 20mins


After Olivia purposely fails to catch the bouquet at a good friend’s wedding, she and her serious boyfriend Tom realize they need to address their differing opinions about marriage.

Director: Allison Andresini

Producer: Allison Andresini, Ryan Yannalfo

Writer: Gillian Holmes

Cast: Gillian Holmes, Kevin Schuering