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Sunday, June 2, 4:55pm Program 7

France / Animation / 9mins


Standing before an open window, a woman gazes at black clouds darkening the horizon. She loves two men—the one who shares her present, and the one who marked her past. Frozen, she struggles against surging memories evoked by objects, the sky—everything. In the clouds, a passionately intertwined couple appears.

Director: Justine Vuylsteker

Producer: Rafael Andrea Soatto, Julie Roy 

Writer: Justine Vuylsteker

USA / Drama / 20mins


When a young woman struggling with body image issues posts a photo of herself online, we follow the spectrum of reactions that occur in every corner of the internet.

Director: Mina Park, Mike Wierzenski

Producer: Mina Park, Kevin Kauffman, Allison Krissberg

Writer: Mina Park, Mike Wierzenski

Cast: Ryan Lee, Lauren Bray

Canada / Drama / 10mins

Cosmic Bang

An absurd comedy with surrealist aspects about a young woman trying to buy a record and the store clerk who refuses to acknowledge her existence.

Director: Amy Force

Producer: Amy Force, Kevin Eade

Writer: Amy Force

Cast: Haley Garnett, Kevin Eade, Caitee McIntyre

USA / Drama / 15mins


A theatre company purchases a female Latin-American Assistant/Robot. The company's Director, however, feels entitled to have the Assistant perform anything that is asked of her. The trouble begins with the Director's sexual advances leaving the Assistant with no choice but to fight for herself. Will she succeed?

Director: Patrick Flahrty

Producer: Brendan Garrett

Writer: Jamie Owen

Cast: Breanne Hill, Darren Pettie, Jamie Owen

Portugal  / Drama / 18mins

Final Act 

Penelope departs the dance world by interpreting “Vicky” the main character of “The Red Shoes”. The departure process takes on a feel of nostalgia and doubt over the choice to embark on this new phase in her life or to remain at the dance company as prima ballerina.

Director: Maria Hespanhol

Producer: Ricardo Almeida, Alibi Films

Writer: Maria Hespanhol

Cast: Maria João Bastos, Pedro Inês, João Lagarto

Sweden / Drama / 8mins

The Good Will

Janina finds out that she got chlamydia and decides to medicate her boyfriend behind his back because she does not want him to find out that she was cheating and even giving him chlamydia. (If he got even got it). She wants to be on the safe side. However universe and life decides to go the honest way and consequences arise.

Director: Christel Elsayah

Producer: Christel Elsayah, Staffan Hildebrand

Writer: Christel Elsayah

Cast: Christel Elsayah, Stefan Gödicke

Panama / Drama / 18mins

God is in the Breath

Roxana, a young mother and frustrated musician, diligently prepares herself to sing the Ave Maria at a high society wedding. She can’t get anything done without the help of her nanny who faithfully attends to her and her son, Sebastian. The nanny accompanies Roxana to a beach retreat so that she can prepare for the performance and she also manages to take care of Sebastian’s every need. Everything seems to eerily work until one day something happens to Sebastian’s eye.

Director: Marcela Heilbron

Producer: Marcela Heilbron, Emily Kalish

Writer: Marcela Heilbron

Cast: Juliette Roy, Leonela Leal, Jaime Ortega