Program 8

Sunday, June 2, 7:05pm


USA / Drama / 4mins

Director: Matthew Charles Thompson

Producer: Matthew Charles Thompson

Writer: Matthew Charles Thompson

Cast: Matthew Charles Thompson, Grace Brancato

A dad in search of redemption advises his daughter.


USA / Drama / 9mins

Producer: Deborah Stile, Ron Konefal, J.T. Murray

Writer: Deborah Stile

Cast: Lexie Bean, Madi Paige Spar, Deborah Stile, Nathan Scherich

A short film about absent parenting and the isolation of non-binary youth.

Sorry Sis

USA / Drama / 4mins

Director: Kim Spurlock

Producer: Kim and Mai Spurlock

Writer: Mai Spurlock, Ben Goldie

Cast: Augusta Sykes, Eleanor Sykes, Cecilia, Scott Sykes

Put it on your head so you don't get dead.


USA / Drama / 17mins

Director: Eliot Routh

Producer: Hannah Kloepfer, Gabriel Barreto

Writer: Gabriel Barreto

Cast: Zachary Guttman, Hui-Shurn Yong, Rob Roy

A promising young actress, Jenny, incurs the ire of her acting teacher, a former child star with 'three Emmy nominations before 18' and a big chip on his shoulder. In class, Matty's abusive tactics chip away at her confidence, but her resolve to learn and grow as an artist keep her unwavering... for now.

A Place in Between

USA / Drama / 14mins

Director: Selin Bonfil

Producer: Louise De Nexon

Writer: Selin Bonfil

Cast: Holly Heiser, Jenna Sander, Dexter Buell

Maya, a woman in her early 40s, has to host a dinner for her husband’s friends and convince her teenage daughter to help her through the evening. When she realizes that the dinner is turning into a complete disaster, and pushed to an edge by her daughter’s behavior, she has a nervous breakdown, questioning the necessity of the ideals and tradition she has been living by.


USA / Drama / 19mins

Director: Victoria Demartin

Producer: Tom Van Scoyoc

Writer: Victoria Demartin

Cast: Laura Piccoli, Chinaza Uche, Lori Tishfield

An observation of a woman caught between her old life and her new one as she goes about her daily routine leading up to her last night on the island.

The Last Fishing Trip

USA / Family / 22mins

Director: Christopher Fox

Producer: Richard Malvey

Writer: Christopher Fox

Cast: Diane Bakos, Lester Greene, Mike Connelly

An older woman's mortality is tested after she loses her brother to cancer. With nothing else to live for, she meets a young man who represents hope.

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