Program 9

Sunday, June 2, 9:15pm

Nice Things

USA / Drama / 5mins

Director: Becky Boggs

Producer: Derek Garcia, Aaron Lee Wright

Writer: Becky Boggs

Cast: Ignacyo Matynia, Andrew Lekhraj, Darius Bridges

A man who seemingly has it all has his life ripped away from him. A parallel universe, a dream, or reality. Only one thing is certain, his superficial values brought on by social media and encouraged by today's society have finally taken their toll.


USA / Drama / 15mins

Director: Ale Alviar

Producer: Ale Alviar

Writer: Ale Alviar

Eight year old Luisa is forcefully displaced from her rural life accompanied by her mother and older sister. Danger haunts them, altering their efforts to cope with their new life, all in the exuberance and cultural beauty of a tropical city in Colombia where violence feels inevitable.

An Aspirational Space

USA / Drama / 8mins

Director: GG Hawkins

Producer: Kyle Scott, Christine Driscoll

Writer: GG Hawkins

Cast: Andrea Raggio, Alli Brown

After her relationship abruptly ends, a woman isolates herself in a new apartment in an attempt to rebuild her life. Her sister recommends a popular self-help guide that focuses on organizing, tidying, and simplifying life, written by an artist-turned-newsletter-writer-turned- influencer. 


USA / Drama /10mins

Director: Margot Roussel

Producer: Margot Roussel, Janne Ebel

Writer: Margot Roussel

Cast: Twyla Hatt, Candela Villero

Three young women do their laundry at night in a laundromat. As they wait, the laundromat triggers memories of significant moments they experienced in the space, each of them confronted with emotional conflicts regarding sexuality, tradition, family or death.

Con Ella (with her)

USA / Drama / 9mins

Director: Eric Scott Mossman

Producer: Cody Boccia, Adam Weppler, Cory Asinofsky

Writer: Eric Scott Mossman

Cast: Jimmy Cintron, Paulina Cosso, Sophia Torres

Con Ella (with her), follows the story of a Mexican Cartel chemist who must pit his survival instincts against his morality when he discovers that his superior’s are using kid-napped children as drug runners.

Soho Penthouse

USA / Drama / 12mins

Director: Chiahao Chou

Producer: NextRound Productions

Writer: Chiahao Chou

Cast: Dierdra Mcdowell, India Wanebo, Darren Joe

During the holiday season, a lonely doctor takes in a wounded stranger for a night.


USA / Action / 6mins

Director: Thiago Micalopulos

Producer: Thiago Micalopulos, Thiago Micalopulos

Writer: Thiago Micalopulos, Carolina Romano

Fearless takes place in ancient Peloponnese times, thousands of years ago, a lawless place forging tough individuals.

Art Show

USA / Comedy /  4mins

Director: Claire Dub

Producer: Claire Dub, Hillary Nussbaum

Writer: Claire Dub

Cast: Alysia Joy Powell, Kabir Chopra, Mia Jessup

The legitimacy of an influential artist's work is called into question.


USA / Drama /  18mins

Director: Georg Schmithüsen

Producer: Georg Schmithüsen

Writer: Georg Schmithüsen

Composer: Jeremy Blackman

Cast: Vincent Sicilio, Tia Andriani, Barry O’Meara

When a stalker realizes he is being stalked it warps his reality and wrecks his sense of self. Is he a perp? A victim? Is he worthy of love?

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