Program 10

Monday, June 3, 4:55pm

Rewriting Roger Bensworth

USA / Comedy / 12mins

Director: Juliette Zygarowicz

Producer: Lily Anderson, Alex Coburn, Jenifer Slosarik

Writer: Juliette Zygarowicz

Cast: Mark Feocco, Jessica Kuts, Hannah Abrams

Set in 1978, Beatrice must quickly write a sequel to her published story, "The Adventures of Roger Bensworth," about a young man and his superhero alter ego, LemonMan. But, when an unexpected visitor offers to assist, their astonishment towards her world complicates the process and her story turns sour to sweet.


USA / Drama / 15mins

Director: Owen Schwartzbard

Producer: Derrick Haggerty

Writer: Owen Schwartzbard, Derrick Haggerty 

Cast: Danzel Square, Robert Ashker Kraft

While incarcerated, Cyrus Bishop found solace in the prison kitchen, befriending the prison chef and discovering a passion for culinary arts. Now that his sentence is up, he must decide whether to pursue his passion for culinary arts by enrolling in a prestigious, all-white culinary school, or to simply return home to the corrupt streets of Tremé, New Orleans.

Tubby Hook

USA / Drama / 12mins

Director: Nelson Estevez, Nell Teare

Producer: Nelson Estevez, Nell Teare

Writer: Nelson Estevez, Rudy Solis III

Cast: Emmett Hughes, Caroline Morahan, Nelson Estevez

After three thieves succeed in a dangerous heist, their loyalty is tested when gangsters show up to reclaim the loot.


Canada / Drama / 17mins

Director: David Bercovici

Producer: David Bercovici, Stephan Miers

Writer: Ildy Modrovich

Cast: Dylan Neal, Carmen Aguirre, Teagan Mann

Adapted from the L.A. Times bestselling novel of the same name, Boulevard captures a frenetic moment in the life of one man caught in the web of his own addiction. LAPD Homicide detective Hayden Glass cruises the gritty streets of Hollywood, seemingly checking on ongoing operations to entrap johns looking to exchange sex for money. But things prove more complicated as it is revealed that Glass is a sex addict working a twelve-step program and trying to maintain his sobriety. 


Canada / Drama / 22mins

Director: Jhonattan Ardila

Producer: Jhonattan Ardila, Michael James Regan

Writer: Jhonattan Ardila, Michael James Regan

Cast: Jhonattan Ardila, Nisa Gunduz, Ronnie Rowe

In NYC, Camilo Estrada, a young Latino man, struggles with his dead-end job, immigration issues and gang-related inner city problems. Forced to deal with his mother’s recent stroke, but motivated by the future of his college-bound sister and forthcoming fatherhood, he becomes the pillar that holds his whole world together. That is, until an honest, innocent mistake suddenly tears everything apart.

A Snake Marked

Canada / Drama / 5mins

Director: Juan Riedinger

Producer: Juan Riedinger, Adam Lolacher

Writer: Juan Riedinger, Adam Lolacher

Cast: Adam Lolacher, Howard Siegel, Christian Convery

A convict receives a surprise visit, forcing him to face his past, blurring the lines of his present reality.

Prove it

Canada / Drama / 4mins

Director: Geneviève Dunn, Carol-Anne Vallée

Writer: Geneviève Dunn, Carol-Anne Vallée

Cast: Lola Andreoni, Alexis Jacquet

Tonight, they love each other like crazy.

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