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Digital Program 12

Lady In Ermine.jpg
Lady In Ermine

Italy / Drama / 8 mins

Director/Writer: Donna DiGiuseppe

Producer: Giuseppe D'Angella, Simone D'Alessandro, Donna DiGiuseppe

Cast: Valeria Di Menno, Mario Massari, Vincenzo Fagotti

Lady In Ermine dramatizes the day in which Sofonisba Anguissola found her inspiration as a portraitist amidst the occupation of her land by a foreign ruler - the ruler she would one day capture in paint.

Lake Pluto.jpg
Lake Pluto

United States / Drama / 33 mins

Director/Writer: Biz Jones

Cast: Jam Murphy, Raquel Orendáin Shrestha, Hannah Sobon

Out on a solo camping trip at a remote lake, an overwhelmed millennial just wants to find clarity, but may get the answers she was looking for from an unexpected supernatural visitor. Meanwhile, back in the 1960s at the same lake, young sisters Laura and Janie cross paths with an entity, which has horrific consequences.

Let's Bring Them Alive.JPG
Let's Bring Them Alive!

United States / Comedy / 5 mins

Director: Eli Sokhn

Writer: Yasemin Isil, Azize Erim

Producer: Yasemin Isil, Azize Erim

Cast: Mathieu Szymkowiak, Darius Levante, David Madwin

A typical Sunday for Parisians on George Seurat's revolutionary painting "La Grande Jatte Parc." Hugo, an empathetic soldier, confesses to his conservative best friend, Leon, that he is pretending dead on the battlefield to avoid killing anyone.

Little Smasher.jpg
Little Smasher

France / Animation / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Gilles Cuvelier

Producer: Richard Van Den Boom

Poetic testimony of a family crossing time and space to the rhythm of the uncontrollable crises of the youngest.

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