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Digital Program 13

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Made In America

United States / Documentary / 6 mins

Director/Writer: Charles Victor Nunley IV

Producer: Charles Victor Nunley IV

Cast: Charles Victor Nunley IV

My only criticism of Black History Month (other than it landing on the shortest month of the year), is I feel its public programming limits the full spectrum of the contributions of Black Americans to the United States. Ever since I was in elementary school, I knew these achievements in excellence exceeded the same stories we would hear every February of civil rights leaders, athletes, and entertainers.


India / Animation / 4 mins

Director/Writer: Vaibhav Madhukar Piwlatkar

Producer: Vaibhav Madhukar Piwlatkar

A True happiness is not a destination but it is a journey."
As a human being we always want more and more new things in our life . We think they will give us more happiness. So we keep running behind the new things leaving the one which we have in our hand and at last we realise that it is not the things that give us happiness but the moment we cherish.


Singapore / Drama / 17 mins

Director/Writer: Denise Khng

Producer: Yash M.

Cast: Karen Tan Bee Lin, Shi-An Lim, Nora Samosir

At a parent-teacher meeting in an orderly girls’ school, a teacher empathises with a parent’s account of her stress-filled domestic existence as a long-suffering mother to a troubled teenager. But in a system where the roles of parent and child, teacher and student, have to be upheld, and upon whom generalised projections easily occur, how true to character is a person when they inhabit the role they’re made to play?


United Kingdom / Drama / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Lara Genovese

Producer: Lara Genovese

It’s Nene’s wedding day and, for an instant, she feels she cannot breathe. Cleo, her sister tries to comfort her but also whispers in her ear something that Nene could not possibly do.

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