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Digital Program 14

Never Broken.JPG
Never Broken

Canada / Drama / 18 mins

Director: Mary-Jo Dionne, Jeff Macpherson

Writer: Mary-Jo Dionne

Producer: Joely Collins

Cast: Christine Chatelain, Paige Phung, Teryl Rothery

It's 1977. When a young mom finds herself broke and alone and raising her 5-year-old daughter, she creates a world of make-believe in order to shield her from the pain of poverty. Well, that and she genuinely believes that how we shape our perspective is ultimately how we shape our lives. As the two navigate a world of lack through the lens of abundance, her tireless heroics are tested time and again, and we're ultimately left to question that most vulgar of terms: the "broken" home.


United Kingdom / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Vera Graziadei

Producer: Vera Graziadei, Alisa Tritenko

Cast: Nic Locke

A solar punk fashion graduate is on a verge of a career break, when some bad news arrive from home that their childhood pet horse will be put down. Suddenly they're forced to navigate future opportunities while battling with the dark memories of their past.

No Need to Worry.jpg
No Need to Worry

United States / Drama / 9 mins

Director/Writer: Hugo Ortiz Clemens

Producer: Julia Hunt

Cast: Genaro Perez, Daniela Benavides

Ashamed to ask for help, a middle-aged Hispanic man will face the challenges that arise from labeling himself as the sole family provider.

Open House.jpg
Open House

Canada / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Rayisa Kondracki

Producer: Clara Altimas, Mark Waters

Cast: Luba Goy, Simon Sinn

A woman holds an open house with the hope of cashing in on her investment and finding companionship for whatever it is that awaits her next.

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