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Digital Program 17

Sucks To Be The Moon.jpg
Sucks To Be The Moon

United States / Animation / 11 mins

Director: Tyler March, Eric Paperth

Writer: Tyler March, Eric Paperth, Rob Tanchum

Producer: Tyler March, Eric Paperth

Cast: Jack Quaid, Stephanie Hsu, Rob Tanchum

Jealous of the Sun’s stardom, the Moon journeys into space, searching for a planet that actually cares about him. Will he find his place in the universe, or is he destined to be a lonely loser forever?

Sunday Roast.jpg
Sunday Roast

United Kingdom / Comedy / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Lukas Steinmaier

Producer: Stacey Vlasyuk

Cast: Caitlin Florence-Rose, Antony Knight, Rebecca Alexander

The Wheldon family sure loves to celebrate their holy Sunday. As for the family tradition, the parents Frank and Molly are preparing a splendid roast chicken. But their daughter Laura knows all too well that this is just their way of settling their differences. As the food is served and the alcohol flows, the seemingly civilised lunch quickly descends into a downright war.


Canada / Drama / 11 mins

Director: Duane Crichton

Writer: Kimberley Gillis

Producer: Richard Cureton, Luc Frappier, Duane Crichton

Cast: Talia Jodouin, Jamaica Fraser, Tiffany Babiak

A teenage girl sinks under the weight of her grief at the loss of her best friend. Coupled with her own self-doubt Kai makes decisions that could derail her one and only shot out of her dead-end town; a swimming scholarship.


United States / Drama / 24 mins

Director/Writer: Mario Theodosio Gallegos

Producer: Mario Theodosio Gallegos,

Vera Amaya, Andrés Vázquez

Cast: Juliet Lopez, Bernardo Saracino, Janelle Gallegos

Presented with an opportunity to escape her stagnant
New Mexico town, a young genizaro girl must decide if she wants to break away from her tight knit family or stay and continue struggling to keep her family afloat as her mother sinks deeper into the grips of heroin addiction.

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