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Digital Program 19

The Funeral Photographer.JPG
The Funeral Photographer

United States / Drama / 17 mins

Director: Ashley Thompson

Writer: Mark strauss

Producer: Troy Daniel Smith, Jim Benoit, Mark Strauss

Cast: Tara Hazel Walsh, Curtis Edward Jackson, Timothy Weinert

What are these two men up to? Who are they waiting for? What is the attendant hiding? Most importantly… why was she hired?

The Game.jpg
The Game

United States / Drama / 21 mins

Director/Writer: Aldo Vassallo

Producer: Ana Naumovska

Cast: Nicolas Calero, Shah Motia, Adrienne Lauren

Set in early 2000’s suburbia, The Game portrays a bewilderingly tense period in eight year old George’s life. One night, as he attempts to drown out his parents' constant and escalating conflicts by gluing his eyes to his Gameboy, he's startled by the sound of a deafening scream coming from his mother's bedroom. Based on a true story.

The Island of the Dolls.jpg
The Island of the Dolls

Mexico / Drama / 19 mins

Director/Writer: Julio César Padilla

Producer: Julio César Padilla

This intensely emotional untold story explores the life of a teenager, Xóchitl. After discovering that her boyfriend is cheating, she makes a drastic decision that will take her to suffer traumatic experiences and to do things that she never imagined.

The Last Bee On Earth2.jpg
The Last Bee On Earth

United Kingdom / Comedy / 8 mins

Director/Writer: Nick Flugge

Producer: Sara Newman

Cast: Sunil Patel, Roxy Dunn

In early 2024, a documentary crew went to document the story of Sam, an ordinary man entrusted with looking after the last bee on Earth. This is this film of that.

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