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Digital Program 2


United States / Comedy / 5 mins

Director: Julián Juaquín

Writer: Matt Flanagan

Producer: Iris Disla, Matt Flanagan

Cast: Benjamin Horwitz, Matt Flanagan, Mohamed Diaby

When Google unexpectedly goes down, the people of the world are confronted with the reality that its presence in their lives was the only thing holding them together as a functioning society.

As Stars Out There.JPG
As Stars Out There

Israel / Drama / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Einav Nitzani

Producer: Ori Zifroni

Cast: Rivka Michaeli, Sandra Sade, Amit Farkas

In the year of 1991, during the Gulf War and when Saddam Hussein decided to throw missiles at Israel, a civil defense siren forces a mother, daughter, pregnant granddaughter and awkward religious neighbor to remain in a safe room together for several hours. Adding to this already stressful situation, now that they're stuck in a room and have nowhere to run, family tensions and grudges emerge, forcing everyone to confront the fears and anxiety that their daily routines had previously kept under the surface.


United Kingdom / Dark Comedy / 10 mins

Director/Writers: Calvin Demba

Producer: Pauline Glomaud-Murmann, Alice Raymond

Cast: Frankie Wilson, Saffron Hocking, Louisa Harland

Unable to accept his ex Jess's departure, Billy finds a website that allows him to design a sexbot in her image. ‘BabyDolls’ claim that their custom made sexbots have the ability to mirror their buyer’s behaviour, making them an idyllic partner for the purchaser. After falling victim to his own toxicity through Becks' adaptive algorithm, Billy seeks to reconcile with Jess but his moment of redemption is cut short by Becks' unusual act of revenge. BabyDolls is a dark comedy short that looks at fragile masculinity masked within alpha male bravado, paced to an original score and told through spoken word.

Bangkok Rats_edited.jpg
Bangkok Rats

Thailand / Crime / 29 mins

Director: Poj Pitakjamnong

Writer: Poj Pitakjamnong, Davud Davud Anuwongcharoen

Producer: Araya Suvetwattanakul, Nat Pitakjamnong, Pithai Smithsuth

Cast: Chatchai Plengpanich

Through seeking the truth behind a card game robbery, a crime boss learns the painful truth about his closest friends and family.

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