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Digital Program 23

When you were with me_edited.jpg
When You Were With Me

Israel / Drama / 11 mins

Director: Gili Danon, Efrat Shalom Danon

Writer: Gili Danon

Producer: Itai Tamir, Ami Livne

Cast: Levana Finkelstein, Shlomo Vishinsky

Tikva lays wounded on the bathroom floor with her unconscious husband on top of her. She can’t move. No one hears her cries for help. Exhausted, she sets out on a journey to save her life.


Spain / Documentary / 23 mins

Director/Writer: Natxo Leuza Fernandez

Producer: Lucía Benito De la Fuente, Jokin Pascual Pérez

Why this war in Ukraine? Why are they shooting at us? Why are they destroying everything? Why am I afraid? Were they not our brothers and sisters? Why do they want to kill us? Why so much hatred? Why are they killing our children? Why are they humiliating us? Why do they take everything from us? Why do I have to flee? Why do we need to be liberated and rescued?


United Kingdom / Drama / 20 mins

Director: Iustina Nevel, Anca Vaida

Writer: Iustina Nevel

Producer: Iustina Nevel, Adrian Chibulcutean, Paul V Fishback

Cast: Gearoid Kavanagh, Iustina Nevel

During the Christmas season, a homeless man takes refuge in front of a shop and, each night, he defies his bad luck by spending the change he gets on lottery tickets.

Winter's Passing_edited.jpg
Winter's Passing

China / Drama / 21 mins

Director/Writer: Yang Fei

Producer: Lei Xu, Yang Fei

Cast: Wei Li, Zhiyi Yang, Jimei Zeng

Winter’s Passing is a coming-of-age narrative short film. Due to his mother’s untimely death and his father’s remarriage, an 8-year-old boy has to live with his grandfather who runs a small urn shop. While reluctantly staying at the shop and trying to return to his father, he meets a woman who wants to buy two identical urns. Through their secret deal, the boy gradually learns the meanings of loss and grief.

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