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Digital Program 24 

Woman in Blue.jpg
Woman in Blue

New Zealand / Drama / 13 mins

Director: Jack O'Donnell

Writer: Jack O'Donnell, Ashleigh Flynn

Producer: Ashleigh Flynn

Cast: Acushla - Tara Kupe, Temuera Morrison, Isaac Te Reina

An ex-policewoman relives her memories from a dementia ward.

Your Biggest Fan.jpg
Your Biggest Fan

United States / Drama / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Doug McFerrin

Producer: Doug McFerrin, John Mark Krum

Cast: Matt Melton, Melia Kane, Patti O'Hara

An out-of-work, single dad dreams about a successful stand up career. But when he forgets about a promising gig and his life starts to feel like a joke, his daughter steps in to save the night with some jokes of her own.


France / Drama / 12 mins

Director: Baky Dia

Writer: Baky Dia, Rahul Bhalla

Producer: Baky Dia

Cast: Jonas Dinal, Demba Diaw, Adeline Lo Piccolo

In a world of water scarcity, a father and son have a mysterious encounter.


United States / Thriller / 13 mins

Director: Eden Wright

Writer: Nick Kunze

Producer: Jack Kauffman, Eve Austin

Cast: Eden Wright, John Michael Hardin, Linda Collins

When her newest client sends them both out to sea, a desperate maritime hairdresser learns an important lesson about internet strangers; the hard way.

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