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Digital Program 3

Being Born.jpg
Being Born

Japan / Drama / 33 mins

Director/Writer: Satoshi Tanaka

Producer: Haruka Shibuya

Cast: Hitomi Ando

Yoshiko Yasukawa's fifth grade daughter Hiromi is the target of bullying by her classmates because of her curly hair.
Yoshiko is aware of the bullying, but too busy with running a barber shop to do anything about it.

Beyond the Lake.jpg
Beyond the Lake

Canada / Drama / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Simon Constantine

Producer: Henriette Mercedes-Spiering, Fredrik Gustafsson

Cast: Richard Easterbrook, Layla Burns, Cleo Slyvestre

Late in his life, a grumpy old timer finds himself lost on a lake accompanied by a young girl, who questions him about a name.


Colombia / Animation / 13 mins

Director: Nicolas Eduardo Parra

Writers: Nicolas Eduardo Parra, Camilo Andrés Parra

Producer: Julian Andrés Sanchez, Raul García

In the middle of the jungle, an explosion breaks a pipeline provoking a spilling over a mighty river. A BOA constrictor attempts to mitigate the disaster clinging the pipe, trying to stop this contamination. Everything gets worse when two men fight to death and seriously affecting the jungle environment, which will trigger the force of nature.

Borrowed Time.jpg
Borrowed Time

United Kingdom / Drama / 19 mins

Director/Writer: Ginevra Gentili

Producer: Ginevra Gentili, Felicia Holst, Anastasia Maltseva

Cast: Olivia Donati Clarke, Heléna Antonio, Suzanna Hamilton

Based on a true story. Olivia has a complicated relationship with her mother who suddenly calls her to go back home. A story of loss and growth between three generations of women, this day will define Olivia for years to come.

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