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Digital Program 4


United States / Drama / 14 mins

Director: Jaye Pniewski

Writer: Mike Pniewski

Producer: Mary O'Keefe O'Neill, Michael O'Neill

Cast: Michael O'Neill, Mike Pniewski

Jason and Jim Koss are estranged brothers who have come together after the death of their father, a well respected academic but painfully overbearing parent. Surrounded by decades of dad’s writings and memories, old wounds resurface as the brothers are faced with a life or death choice.


Italy / Animation / 6 mins

Director: Enrico Motti, Emanuele Motti

Writer: Enrico Motti

An alcoholic boy seeks peace staying in contact with nature. His dog will lead him to an unnatural encounter and to face his solitude in a drastic way.

Bunker The Last Fleet.jpg
Bunker: The Last Fleet

Australia / Sci-fi / 14 mins

Director: Rowan Pullen, Stephen Potter

Writers: Rowan Pullen, Stephen Potter, Natasha Wanganeen

Producer: Rowan Pullen, Stephen Potter, Jessica Giacco

Cast: Natasha Wanganeen, Roy Phung, Trevor Jamieson

The year is 2057. For six years the extraterrestrial invaders have occupied our world. The harvest of humankind has begun. When they arrived, everything was lost. The people, the land the system ... gone. Those who survive, remain in hiding and live by one rule: avoid all contact.

Bus Driver_edited.jpg
Bus Driver

United Kingdom / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Amar Singh Sethi

Producer: Connor J. Matthews

Cast: Bally Gill, John Ramm, Sarah Vevers

The normal journey of a London bus driver transforms into a living nightmare as he finds himself in the middle of a terrorist stand-off between his panic-consumed passengers. Lives hang in the balance as he desperately tries to negotiate his way out of the quagmire.

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