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Digital Program 6


United Kingdom / Horror / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Julien Testa

Producer: Remi Itani

Cast: MIranda Colmans

Grace, a yoga and well being influencer, is preparing for her weekly yoga practice livestream. But as she begins her routine, something is going very wrong. From a dark, neglected closet in her small London Flat, something is trying to get out. Something terrifying and at the same time eerily familiar.


Hungary / Drama / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Bence Berkes

Producer: Marcell Mándi

Cast: Róbert Koltai, Zsolt Lipics, Evelin Dobos

In '56 the people had enough of the Communist Party and revolted. Participants were persecuted and sentenced to prison or death. In the 80s rural Hungary, Harangozó's daughter is kidnapped. He must decide whether to save his daughter or his wife, as the past comes back to haunt him


Sweden / Drama / 9 mins

Director/Writer: Malin Lindholm

Producer: Malin Lindholm

Cast: David Tainton, Monica Wahlgren

We are only just one choice away from changing our entire lives. The question is if we dare.
This is what David faces a normal day after work.

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