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Digital Program 9


United States / Drama / 22 mins

Director: Miriam Grill

Writer: Josie Burke

Producer: Josie Burke, Carrie Radigan

Cast: Norm Lewis, Mary Bacon, Josie Burke

Confronted with the sudden but long anticipated news that her estranged, drug addicted mother has passed away, twenty-three year old Norah finds herself at a crossroads. Only a few months sober herself, Norah wonders if this is the moment that will end up overtaking her.

I AM_edited.jpg
I Am

United Kingdom / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Ludovica Musumeci

Writer: Rachel Mariam

Producer: Oriane Pick

Cast: Oriane Pick, Charlie MacGechan, Izuka Hoyle

Gabi and her boyfriend are moving in together, an exciting step for their relationship. But she begins to unravel as she struggles to hide her battle living with schizophrenia unbeknownst to Mike.

I'll Be Frank.jpg
I'll Be Frank

Ireland / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Carleton Rodgers

Producer: Michael Costello, Rachel Coffey

Cast: Jake Doyle, Helena Bereen, Bernadette Brown

For teenager Danny, with regards to musical taste – he did it his way. He got a kick out of Sinatra not Sheeran. Regrets? Potential social isolation. But will his love for Ol’ Blue Eyes get under his skin – or be his salvation?

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