Program 4

In The Woods With A Dead Dog.JPG
In The Woods With A Dead Dog

United Kingdom / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Vera Graziadei

Writer: Michel Faber

Producer: Vera Graziadei, Anya Ryzhenkova

Cast: Adrian Crowley, Vera Graziadei

Sydney, ex-principal breadwinner for an ex-thriving family finds himself in the pre-dawn woods with an ex-dog in his hands. As he wanders around in the dark, literally and metaphorically, his memory unfurls a series of first world misfortunes that have befallen him of late, alongside more serious concerns about the health of his daughter and the state of his marital relationship, which seems to be no more alive than the lifeless pet in his hands. 


United States / Drama / 29 mins

Director: Jacky Song

Writer: Jordan Dotson, Zack Zhang

Producer: Katie Anne Moy, Jacky Song

Cast: Tom Wade, Autumn Harrison

In early 90s Los Angeles, a young woman named Isabel claims to have teleported from the past. Authorities remain skeptical of her narrative and later whisk her off to a mental asylum where she confronts her primary doctor, Dr. Phares.

It's not safe for you in this zoo.jpg
It's Not Safe For You In This Zoo

United States  / Drama / 17 mins

Director: John Garet Stoker

Writers: John Garet Stoker

Producer: Vella Lovell, Victoria Stabile

Cast: Vella Lovell, John Garet Stoker

An aimless Angeleno decides to write a pop song, sending his relationship into the deep end.


United States  / Drama / 30 mins

Director: Marcia Carroll 

Writer: Marcia Carroll

Producer: Marcia Carroll, Edward Burzair

Cast: Marcia Carroll, Todd Terry

“And we wept that one so lovely should have a life so brief;” a week in the life of a family wrought by tragedy.

L for Loser.JPG
L For Loser

Canada / Comedy / 13 mins

Director: Dempsey Bryk

Writer: Dempsey Bryk

Producer: Dempsey Bryk, William Bryk

Cast: William Bryk, Sydney Meyer

In this Torontonian comedy boasting some of the biggest Canadian star names, a lowly young trophy shop employee who has never won anything other than a participation ribbon, is in love with his manager and stages a robbery to try to prove to her that he is in fact “a winner.”

Lead me home.JPG
Lead Me Home

France / Drama / 21 mins

Director: Julien Hosmalin

Writer: Julien Hosmalin

Producer: Pierre André Marion, Judith Rochelois

Cast: François Pouron, François Le Mao

One night, two men stop at a food truck at the entrance of the town of Kalwin. As the conversation goes on with the lonely cook, a trap is woven between the three men, as they are all linked to a pedophile network that raged 30 years ago in this city...


United States  / Drama / 17 mins

Director: Scott Aharoni, Dennis Latos

Writer: Mustafa Kaymak

Producer: Scott Aharoni, Dennis Latos

Cast: Nadir Saribacak, Isabella Haddock

In present day Queens, New York, a Turkish gravedigger is unable to face a shattering truth, and risks losing the dearest connection left in his life.


United Kingdom / Drama / 11 mins

Director: Stephanie Boateng

Writer: Kwame Augustine

Producer: Kwame Augustine, Eric Kofi Abrefa

Cast: Eric Kofi Abrefa, Kwame Augustine

Two friends Mike and Kwesi take a journey to Ghana to seek pastures new. While en-route to complete a lucrative land deal, they encounter an array of issues.

Love and Joy.JPG
Love and Joy

United States  / Drama / 16 mins

Director: Michelle Bossy

Writer: Brian Pracht

Producer: Michelle Bossy, Brian Pracht

Cast: Melissa Burke-Termini, Anna LaMadrid

After dropping her daughter off at her ex-husband’s for Christmas, a loving Mom searches for joy in her absence.

Love in Brookyn.jpg
Love In Brooklyn

United States  / Drama / 9 mins

Director: Eric Yang

Writer: Eric Yang

Producer: Eric Yang

Cast: David Ginlet, Briana Cortesiano

A woman's affair with a married man is put to the test when she discovers that she's pregnant.