Program 8

Trouble Is.JPG
Trouble Is

United States / Drama / 9 mins

Director: EJ Gong

Writer: EJ Gong

Producer: EJ Gong

Cast: EJ Gong, Tyson Kaup

Trouble Is deals with the complexities of love and fidelity. This 9-minute short film follows the lives of a married couple, Claire and Wayne, and their friend, Stan, as the truth about their complicated relationships slowly unfolds.


Spain / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Alejandro San Martín

Writer: Alejandro San Martín

Producer: Alejandro San Martín

Cast: Sara Vidorreta, Paula de la Nieta

Valeria, a 17 year old girl, in the face of bullying and the lack of help from the school and family, faces the decision to continue or not.


Russia / Drama / 19 mins

Director: Anton Filipenko

Writers: Anton Filipenko

Producer: Pavel Fuks

Cast: Ekaterina Shumakova, Aino Sirje

Three unknown couples meet in a country house in Finland.
For what?


United Kingdom / Drama / 18 mins

Director: David Hayes 

Writer: John Jeanes

Producer: Ben Johnston, Katie Millner

Cast: Jack Staddon, Gail Sixsmith

A young nurse lies his way into the home of a vulnerable patient.


Canada / Drama / 26 mins

Director: Maryan Haye, Carol Liu

Writer: Maryan Haye, Carol Liu

Producer: Amreen Kullar, Carol Liu

Cast: Chloe Nava, Terry He

At Aginview Secondary School, Sharon, Mo, and Lee are in their final year of high school. When Mo’s brother, Abdi, is hurt in what seems to be a xenophobic attack, the seniors team up to seek justice from the school administration, but quickly realize that getting justice in their community isn’t as easy as it seems.

When The Morning Dawns.jpg
When The Morning Dawns

Bosnia  Herzegovina / Drama / 23 mins

Director: Karmen Obrdalj

Writer: Karmen Obrdalj

Producer: Karmen Obrdalj, Jana Vuković

Cast: Aleksandra Plahin,Milica Janevski

A lonely self-conscious girl spends her days drinking wine on the roof and waiting for her boyfriend to come home. She can sense that something is wrong - he suddenly got cold. Lack of sex and his friendship with another woman worsen her body image. We watch what happens to them that "one more day" that they stay together.

When This All Ends_edited.jpg
When This All Ends

United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Jordan Sommerlad

Writer: Cory Stonebrook

Producer: Jordan Sommerlad, Cory Stonebrook

Cast: Lizzy Miller,Tiffany Trainer

Two sisters pontificate on the lives they could have led while observing the current guest staying in their family's vacation home in upstate New York.


Canada / Drama / 28 mins

Director: Jen Araki

Writer: Chris Sebastian Joys

Producer: Chris Goldade, Jen Araki

Cast: Dylan Playfair, Aren Buchholz

Emma returns to her childhood home upon her father’s death. But what set out to be a simple funeral service becomes a journey down nostalgia lane, making her confront her bittersweet relationship with her father.

Wild Seed_edited.jpg
Wild Seed

China / Drama / 14 mins

Director: Sunyin Zhang

Writer: Sunyin Zhang

Producer: Sunyin Zhang

Cast: Tian Xu

During the period of One-Child Policy, Peng, an illegally pregnant mother escapes from her home to avoid getting arrested by the family planning committee and being forced to have an abortion. After escaping, Peng begins her solitary journey to hide from the government’s ruthless members and survives along the vast wilderness in Guizhou Province.

Women, Wanting

United States / Drama / 18 mins

Director: Rebekah Pahl, Jill Karrenbrock

Writer: Rebekah Pahl, Jill Karrenbrock

Producer: Rebekah Pahl, Jill Karrenbrock

Cast: Jill Karrenbrock, Joyce Fidler

Frankie, a young writer struggling to jumpstart her career in Los Angeles, confronts her Aunt Margie after learning she's still romantically involved with a phone scammer. Women, Wanting is an exploration of desire and the singular, yet similar ways we go about getting what we want.