Program 9

Wuhan Driver.jpg
Wuhan Driver

United States / Drama / 14 mins

Director: Tiger Ji

Writer: Tiger Ji

Producer: Alena Svyatova, Jonathan Sanger

Cast: Wayne Chang

At the beginning of the pandemic, a Chinese driver in New York struggles to make ends meet as he picks up passengers on a long and dreary night.

You are mine.jpg
You Are Mine

Germany / Drama / 20 mins

Director: Adi Wojaczek

Writer: Adi Wojaczek

Producer: Christine Jezior

Cast: Lucas Herzog, Marlon Heidel

Viktor (12) and Siegfried (15) are friends in the Hitler Youth. While Viktor enjoys exploring nature like a normal child, Siegfried is empowered by Nazi ideology. Their friendship gets tested, when they suddenly find a young jewish girl, hiding in a barn.

Zero Kilometer

India / Drama / 14 mins

Director: Shamas Nawab Siddiqui

Writers: Shamas Nawab Siddiqui

Producer: Shamas Nawab Siddiqui

Cast: Jack Galvin, Jo White

Kajal, a small town villager woman who is always busy with her family and work as labourer in briquette furnace to feed her child, sister and useless husband.

Blind Ambition.jpg
Blind Ambition:
The Wop May Story

Canada / Documentary / 20 mins

Director: Frederick Kroetsch, Tom Robinson 

Writer: Tom Robinson

Producer: Frederick Kroetsch, David Baron

Cast: Jessie Gervais

Shot on 35mm filmstock with an orchestral musical score, Blind Ambition brings to life the story of an inspiring and courageous pilot.

Gary Kemp  - In Solo

United Kingdom / Documentary / 24 mins

Director: Charlie Lightening

Producer: Charlie Lightening

Cast: Gary Kemp, Toby Chapman

An intimate portrait documentary of Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp which explores an artist's journey towards making a solo album.

Sitting Tall The Patrick Anderson Story.jpg
Sitting Tall:
The Patrick Anderson Story

Canada / Documentary / 44 mins

Director: Ryan Marley

Producer: Katie Lafferty, Michelle Dudas

Sitting Tall: The Patrick Anderson Story examines the background and career of Patrick Anderson, arguably the greatest wheelchair basketball player of all time, as he prepares for the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.