Program 1

August 21 - 27

Only in Dreams

United States / Romance / 16 mins

Director: Travis Mauck

Producer: Christopher Todd, Chris Jay

Writer: Travis Mauck

Cast: Ryan Garcia, Roxanna Dunlop

A young man battles his memories and daydreams at a wedding for the girl he thought he was going to marry.


United States / Drama / 19mins

Director: Sofia Sondervan

Producer: Sofia Sondervan

Writer: Sofia Sondervan

Cast: Tamara Van Witzenburgh,

Baruch Schwartz

During the hunger winter of 1944, Stella, a Jewish woman risks her life by traveling by bike through war-ridden Holland to find food for her starving husband. When she encounters a German deserter, she is at risk of losing everything and has to make a tough decision in order to survive.

A Touch on the Edge

United States / Drama / 7mins

Director: Yige Seleny Xie

Producer: Roza Brozkova

Writers: Yige Seleny Xie,

Fangda Helen Cao

Cast: Alfred Sramek, Lukas Tyleček,

Ivana Kyselkova

A coming-of-age short film centered around a young boy struggling with his relationship with his father while growing up in a single family home that forces him to be independent.

Mom's Day Off

United States / Comedy / 10mins

Director: David Ebert

Producer: Julia Kelly, David Ebert,

Writer: Julia Kelly, Caitlin Brodnick

Cast: Marco Kyris

When two exhausted new moms meet up for a day of relaxation, a salon offers them a surreal and fantastical back room experience that individually caters to their deepest needs and fantasies.

My heart is erasing

United States / Drama / 8mins

Director: Joshua Ben-Dylan

Producer: Joshua Ben-Dylan,

Dalton Harrod

Writer: Joshua Ben-Dylan

Cast: Alex Csatari, Christopher Harrod

An intense and intimate portrait of a young boy with a secret.