Program 10

August 21 - 27

Heart Building

United States / Drama / 37mins

Director: Kenson E. Burton

Producer: Kenson E. Burton,

Chayna Douglas

Writer: Kenson E. Burton

Cast: Megan Gerald, Michael Excell

A modern day look into the emotional motivation of a generation longing for real connection and identity through a the lens of a love story.

Dear Covid-19

Canada / Experimental / 3mins

Director: Mark Watt

Producer: Mark Watt, David Ovelson

Writer: Mark Watt, Graeme Watt

Cast: Ellie Watt

Dear COVID-19 is an Anthem of hope during a time of global disruption and widespread human struggle. Our aim is to remind people that we are resilient and strong and that we are are not alone, no matter what we're facing.

The Birthday Cut

USA / Drama / 15mins

Director: Eva Midgley

Producer: Eva Midgley

Writer: Eva Midgley

Cast: Imogen Roux, Grayson Eddey

On his sixth birthday, a timid boy watches as his diametrically opposed grandmothers clash, his father bends to their will, and his fed-up mother lashes out with a long-held family secret.


United States / Sci-fi / 4mins

Director: Lu Zheng

Producer: Lu Zheng

Writer: Lu Zheng



Some day in the future, a girl grows up in a space station with her astronaut dad. One day, the dad has to leave her for a secret mission. After he left, the girl receives a special gift.

Percy and Becky Meet for Lunch

United States / Drama / 7mins

Director: Pete Macnamara

Producer: Pete Macnamara, Fred Dixon

Writer: Pete Macnamara

Cast: Ibrahim Traore, Ola Pater

Percy has News. Becky has Plans.
A serious young medical student is awarded his residency of choice...far away from his sweet, devious New York girlfriend. They meet for lunch.