Program 11

August 21 - 27

In The Basement There's Some Money

United States / Drama / 17mins

Director: Gianluca Randazzo

Producer: Mad Frolics Productions

Writer: Jake Wells

Cast: Luke Cordaro, Lauren Hines

Three cousins of varying socioeconomic status struggle to divvy up the money their grandfather left for them.


United States / Drama/Music / 15mins

Director: Ja-Ann Wang

Writer: Ja-Ann Wang

Cast: Kenny Tran, Smitty Chai,

Danny Chu

A kid from Queens tries landing his first hip-hop gig in NYC, but must decide at what cost. Original lo-fi music and lyrics by Asian-American artists.


United States / Drama / 17mins

Director: John Robert Hammerer

Producer: Kevin Burns, Daniel Kirby

Writer: Daniel Kirby

Cast: Daniel Kirby, Trevor Mulchay

When Freddy & Martin learn that the warehouse where they work is closing down, the news throws the two friends into a tailspin. While Martin goes through the motions the best he can, feelings of betrayal cause the more impulsive Freddy to lash out.

The Cataclysm

United States / Drama / 16mins

Director: Alexander Frasse

Producer: Jeff Spivack, Thomas Wynn

Writer: Alexander Frasse

Cast: Michael Carr, Clara Veci



A small religious family is thrust into turmoil when their local televangelist predicts an impending cataclysmic event that will wipe out all of humanity.

A Place To Bowl

United States / Documentary / 7mins

Director: Gabriel Jacobs

Producer: Gabriel Jacobs,

Sammy Dane

A Place to Bowl is a portrait of a place that shouldn't exist.
Culturally, Astoria Bowl is an anachronism, a vestige of the sport's mid-century heyday era. Financially, it's a small business housed in an enormous building, in a rapidly gentrifying city. Sociologically, it's a hub of in-person community at a moment when that vital element of life has largely moved online.