Program 12

August 21 - 27

Misfit M.

Canada / Drama / 14mins

Director: Austin Ball, Sarah Hempinstall

Producer: Paige Locke, Allie Dunbar

Writer: Marilyn Monroe

Cast: Paige Locke, Emily Dickinson

Who can you trust when you're the most famous woman in the world? The year is 1961. The woman is Marilyn Monroe. The words are her own.

Goodnight Death

United States / Drama/Horror / 21mins

Director: Elsa Levytsky

Producer: Elsa Levytsky, Tom Brown

Writer: Elsa Levytsky, Richard Weems

Cast: Callum Blue, Danielle Kotch

Charles is a reluctant Grim Reaper responsible for guiding souls to the afterlife. As he reaps the victims of a serial killer with a long track record, he stumbles upon the youngest yet, a girl named Jennifer who is determined to stop the slaughter and avenge her family.


United States / Documentary / 9mins

Director: Jane Musky

Producer: Jane Musky, Robert Morrison

Writer: Jane Musky

Cast: Boston University Woman’s Crew


A history of the one of the first Women’s Crew teams to petition for the right to organize in 1973, after the passage of TITLE 9. This is their story.


United States / Experimental / 8mins

Director: Joumana Rizk

Producer: Joumana Rizk, Adam Prince

Writer: Joumana Rizk

Cast: Jean Leclerc, Viki Miao, Jonathan

Green, Bobo Rok, Vincent Bergoend



In this fantasy tale set in a NYC nightclub, a voiceless woman’s agency over her own life changes an old soul’s view of human love.

HighBread - C'est La Weed

United States / Comedy / 30mins

Director: Jayesh Jaidka

Producer: Jayesh Jaidka

Writer: Daniel Blanda

Cast: Jonathan D'Rozario,

Charlotte Peartree Moon

HighBread is a Serio-comedy about Jai who wants to open the first of its kind Pot bakery in Boston despite being an expelled international student from Boston University, having over-controlling, interfering and orthodox parents alongside an expired US visa.