Program 13

August 21 - 27


United States / Drama / 9mins

Director: Hao ( Spike ) Li

Writer: Xiaonan Lu, Guoyu Zhao

Cast: Shaun Melady, Miyu

At first glance, Helen appears to be your perfect girl-next-door kind of girlfriend, sweet, kind and religious. But when her new boyfriend Duncan came to visit, some disagreements unfortunately led to a fight that ended in the most unexpected way.

My Ex Girl is Dating a HIPSTER CHEF

United States / Comedy / 11mins

Director: Johnny Solo, Mazen Hamam

Producer: Johnny Solo

Writer: Johnny Solo

Cast: Johnny Solo,

Anthoula Katsimatides

His Ex- Girl Maria for 10 years dumps him for a
NEW HIPSTER Celebrity CHEF Francis Legge "The Donut King" who moves in the Neighborhood! Astoria, Queens is changing just like all of NYC. Will he adapt and get Maria back?

Vida Mia

United States / Drama / 7mins

Director: Melissa Espinosa

Producer: Mireya Rios

Writer: Melissa Espinosa

Cast: Mireya Rios, Melissa Espinosa

A psychological drama about an abused woman as she suffers an emotional break down and finds her inner strength.

The Jewish Soldier and the Arab Doctor

United States/ Animation / 4mins

Director: Rajiv Nair, Daniel Ostrem





When Jewish IDF soldier Chen Schwartz was shot by a terrorist in Jerusalem, he was rushed in critical condition to Hadassah Hospital, where Israeli Arab doctor Ahmed Eid faced a tremendous challenge. Experience the remarkable story of what happened next in this Israel Collective film.


United States / Animation / 9mins

Director: Barbara Mones

In a world of darkness, the Tyrant, a being made of light, is the only solace to those who fear the dark. His followers must decide whether or not they will continue to live under his cruelty, or embrace the fear of the unknown.