Program 14

August 21 - 27

Blue Moon of Kentucky

Germany / Drama / 11mins

Director: Josef Brandl

Producer: Rike Steyer

Writer: Josef Brandl

Cast: Hans Jürgen Alf, Milton Welsh

Pat, Red und Ted are the „Kentucky Chickens“ – a Rockabilly-Band, who had their best days long ago. After a Band Reunion Concert has been not quite as expected, they decide to revive the good old times. But this turns out to be harder than in their glorious youth.

Production Incorporated Episodic

United States / Comedy / 11mins

Director: Jonathan Avigdori

Producer: Jonathan Avigdori

Writer: Jonathan Avigdori

Cast: Lauren L. Murray, Laura Monaco

A comedy about the ups and downs of a Beverly Hills based commercial production company


United Kingdom / Drama / 14mins

Director: Mark Rosenblatt

Producer: Suri Ellerton

Writer: Mark Rosenblatt

Cast: Sophie McShera, Lydia Wilson

A little girl, spooked by her mother’s paranoia, starts to believe her adored cleaner is a thief.

Year of The Robot

France / Documentary / 31mins

Director: Yves Gellie

Producer: Alexandre Brachet,

Camille Lacharmoise

Writer: Yves Gellie



At the intersection of art and science, L’année du robot (Year of the robot) depicts the human being and the robot as its artificial counterpart.

Violent Nights

United States / Thriller/ 18mins

Director: Christian Ghosn

Producer: Morgan Cunning,

Christian Ghosn

Writer: Christian Ghosn

Cast: Sania Hyatt, Dane Clarke II

Following the murder of her girlfriend, Cynthia--a former hit woman-- finds herself on a bloody path to revenge.