Program 15

August 21 - 27


United States / Drama / 13mins

Director: Seungwon Gio Park

Producer: Jana DeHart

Writer: Natasha Soto-Albors,

Seungwon Gio Park

Cast: Nataly Santiago, NaNa Ponceleon

With the most crucial audition of her career hanging in the balance, a young Latina dancer grapples between familial duty and artistic dedication.

Like A House On Fire

United States / Drama / 20mins

Director: Geoff Levy

Producer: Erica Serio, Alexi Ouzas

Writer: Geoff Levy

Cast: Sarah Baskin, Or Shraiber

In the winter of 2019, a love-apathetic 36-year old Lea is in a cycle of bedding men she meets at her bartending job in New York City. She crosses paths with Max, a self-proclaimed feminist, after a failed online dating match.


United States / Comedy / 15mins

Director: Jonathan Kehoe

Producer: Marisa Hood,

Maggie McGovern

Writer: Marisa Hood

Cast: Maggie McGovern, Marisa Hood

After another morning of mundane interactions with her boyfriend, a woman reaches her breaking point and throws a fork across the room.


United States/ Drama / 10mins

Director: Timur Bootzin

Producer: Timur Bootzin,

Sequoia Sherriff

Writer: Timur Bootzin

Cast: David Anthony McGill,

Jose Santana



Manuel. Two worlds. Two lives.

The Ceremony

United States / Thriller / 7mins

Director: Jeremy Stewart

Producer: Lee Hurst, Jeremy Stewart

Writer: Lee Hurst, Addie Doyle

Cast: Lee Hurst, Addie Doyle

When Emmy arrives early for a birthday dinner, she is lured into taking part in a lavish ritual one last time.