Program 2

August 21 - 27

My New Pants

United States / Comedy / 20 mins

Director: Gerard Zarra

Producer: Gerard Zarra, Edgar Nevarez

Cast: Michael McBride, Mary Linehan

A dark comedy about a man who becomes obsessed with his newly purchased pair of pants.

His obsession drives him to destroy his relationships, and go down a twisted Odyssean journey into New York's underbelly.

Lonely Hearts

United States / Horror / 16mins

Director: Dennis Cahlo

Producer: Dennis Cahlo,

Bethany Watson

Writer: Dennis Cahlo, Bethany Watson

Cast: Bethany Watson, Palmyra Mattner

Alone and down trodden, a woman tries to find a connection online only to get much more than she bargained for.


United States / Drama / 9mins

Director: Calvin Tran

Producer: David Scherker

Cast: Ethan Coskay, Rob Clove,

Ben Rademacher

Amidst the ruins of post-war Germany, a lone boy touches the lives of three disparate people.

Look at Lucas

United States / Drama / 10mins

Director: Agustin McCarthy



A young boy wants to play with his mom at the beach but first he has to get her off her phone.

Big News

United States / Drama / 9mins

Director: Tim Shelburne

Producer: Tim Shelburne

Writer: Tim Shelburne, Natalya Shelburne

Cast: Rebecca Rapaport-Cole, 

Joseph Covino

A hopeful woman shares the biggest news of her life with her father as a last attempt to repair their dysfunctional relationship.