Program 3

August 21 - 27

Keeping Our Time

United States / Drama / 6 mins

Director: Molly Gazay, Sean O'Connor

Producer: Molly Gazay, Sean O'Connor

Writer: Molly Gazay

Cast: Jillian Karande, Carlos Chancay

Special Agent Rori Pagan and her partner Special Agent Aaron Lawson, are dealing with another difficult situation, and in the end things get personal.

Hey Mama!

United States / Comedy / 11mins

Director: Pepper Binkley, Delavega

Producer: Pepper Binkley, Delavega,

Heath Brandon

Writer: Pepper Binkley

Cast: Lindsey Broad, Ashley Williams

As strangers stop her to offer advice, a woman, two weeks over due, desperately wants to go into labor, but some things are out of her control.

Hafus In Love

United States / Romance / 12mins

Director: Thomas Barnes

Producer: Eva Minemar

Writer: Thomas Barnes

Cast: Connor Johnston, An-Li Bogan

A Coming of Age Love Story.
Summer. Red Hook, Brooklyn. Danny, a hafu boy- half Chinese- gets hit by the thunderbolt when he meets Naomi, a hafu girl. Can love conquer all? Can deep connection prevail when timing, character and reality are against you?.


United States / Experimental / 14mins

Director: Diego Murillo

Producer: Diego Murillo, Amanda Isea

Writer: Diego Murillo, Amanda Isea

Cast: Nick Hlinka, María Elena López



In the midst of winter, a Venezuelan woman exiled in Brooklyn deals with daily work, a recurring appearance and unsettling messages from back home.

Borderline Coffee

United States / Drama / 10mins

Director: Jeff Ayars

Producer: Gerri Weinberger,

Susanna Stahlmann

Writer: Susanna Stahlmann

Cast: Susanna Stahlmann

A young woman with crippling anxiety is taken on a journey when she sets out to accomplish what would seem to be a simple task: a cup of coffee.