Program 4

August 21 - 27

Pledge It

United States / Family / 13mins

Director: Rachael Sonnenberg

Producer: Sarah Levi

Writer: Rachael Sonnenberg

Cast: Tatum Millet, Jani Danas

Public school children around the country say the pledge of allegiance every day, but for the second graders at Reileigh elementary allegiance was not such an easy sell. A filmmaker explores the comical chain of events that left classroom 3C in utter ruin, turning morning meeting into morning anarchy.

My Daughter Yoshiko

United States / Drama / 15mins

Director: Brian Blum

Producer: David E. M. Maire,

Bryan Benitez, Ryan Beharry

Writer: Brian Blum, Kent Morita

Cast: Saori Goda, Mei-Lin Hosang

With her daughter Yoshiko diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and her husband overseas serving in the military, Saki Omura is finding it harder and harder to cope.


United States / Comedy / 19mins

Director: Maritza Gomez

Producer: Brittney Lee Hamilton,

Kelly Remenik

Writer: Brittney Lee Hamilton

Cast: Brittney Lee Hamilton,

Shyrley Rodriguez

In the strenuous world of children’s party entertainment, an overly positive and well-meaning “princess” must win over a practical writer who is doing a story on female role models.

When the World Was Young

United States / Drama / 17mins

Director: Garth Kravits

Producer: Lia Chang

Writer: Garth Kravits

Cast: Lia Chang, Jason Ma



When siblings return home to confront their Mother’s memory loss, they discover a hidden key to her past.

My Father's Fabulous Funeral

United States / Comedy / 15mins

Director: Mark Stolzenberg

Producer: Judy Copelan,

Mark Stolzenberg, Eric Alexander

Writer: Mark Stolzenberg

Cast: Judy Copeland, Mark Stolzenberg

A quirky comedy about a dysfunctional family who struggle to give their oddball father a fitting funeral despite the difficulties presented by their obnoxious stepmother.