Program 5

August 21 - 27

Man vs. Vibrator

United States / Comedy / 9mins

Director: Melanie Brenae, Kory Louko

Producer: Melanie Brenae, Kory Louko

Writer: Kory Louko

Cast: Trevor Mulchay, Samantha Everett

They took the leap. They moved in together, but things get heated when Jason comes face to face with the ultimate phallic foe - Megan's vibrator.


United States / Fantasy / 15mins

Director: Lisandro Perez-Rey

Producer: Lisandro Perez-Rey,

Cynthia Barrera

Writer: Lisandro Perez-Rey,

Laura Sweeney

Cast: Laura Sweeney, Lukas Hassel

During a violent winter storm, a meek bartender spends the longest night of the year with a mysterious stranger with whom she shares a meal and an ancient ritual.


United States / Drama / 17mins

Director: Chris Dawson

Producer: Yael Gonen

Writer: Chris Dawson

Cast: Yael Gonen, Pascal Yen-Pfister

A struggling actress obsessed with landing the lead in a remake of her favorite film, vows to become the role before it's taken from her.

Oh For a Muse of Fire

United States / Drama / 12mins

Director: Peter Rohan

Producer: Laura Darrell

Writer: Peter Rohan, Laura Darrell

Cast: Julian Elfer, Eva Kaminsky



A young artist facing career frustration and struggling to find inspiration, quits and retreats to her aunt's lake house in an effort to evade her omnipresent inner critic and find artistic renewal. But upon her arrival, she discovers he's followed her and will not leave her in peace.

Baby Bites

United States / Drama / 10mins

Director: Nabil Elbehri

Producer: Nabil Elbehri, Molly Longwell

Writer: Molly Longwell

Cast: Sarah Coffey, Julia Rose Duray

Over the course of a day, a friendship struggles to find its balance as an illness corrodes its foundation.