Program 6

August 21 - 27

A Tango To Remember

United States / Romance / 7mins

Director: Severine Reisp

Producer: Severine Reisp

Writer: Severine Reisp

Cast: Doug Barron, Judith Waldhorn

A wife whose husband suffers from Alzheimer's. One fall afternoon, she takes him in his wheelchair to a pier in Jersey City where they first met and danced.

Gifts of the Heart

United States / Drama / 22mins

Director: Chris Craymer

Producer: Kim Griffin,

Richard Carter-Hounslow

Writer: Chris Craymer

Cast: Tamzin Merchant, Mike Beckingham

A sensitive portrayal of a young widow's emotional journey as she comes to realize that the recipient of her husband's heart holds the secret to her new life.

One Summer Night

United States / Drama / 15mins

Director: Stephen Law

Producer: Ian Tan

Writer: Stephen Law

Cast: Rachel Lin, Tim Liu

During a thunderstorm, a mother must face that her son is growing more independent when he's not coming back home for dinner.

The Dead Drop

United States / Drama / 9mins

Director: John Washburn

Producer: Rae Welty, John Washburn

Writer: John Washburn

Cast: Allyson Ryan, Iván Amaro Bullón



When a group of precocious kids stumble on a mysterious encoded message, they become pawns in a game of espionage cat and mouse.


United States / Drama / 13mins

Director: Christina Yoon

Producer: Jungyoon Kim

Writer: Christina Yoon

Cast: Spring Kim, Taeho Kwak

A Korean immigrant with a severely scarred face visits a black market hospital in Queens to seek plastic surgery.