Program 7

August 21 - 27

Seven Scenes from Home

United States / Drama / 12mins

Director: Gregory Brecher

Producer: Linnea Larsdotter

Writer: Gregory Brecher

Cast: Nathan Wallace,

Julitta Mroczkowska

A series of vignettes showing the depth and inevitable arc of the relationship between mother and son. In SEVEN SCENES FROM HOME we see Tom, a busy young professional, return to his childhood home in Chicago to care for his mother Danuta during a health scare.

Hung Up

United States / Drama / 13mins

Director: Damon O'Steen

Producer: Melissa Jackson,

Marc Henry Johnson

Writer: Damon O'Steen

Cast: Melissa Jackson, Kevin Kane

Shattered Texan Latina bull rider Patty "Duke" risks paralysis to ride again and reclaim her glory.


United States / Drama / 15mins

Director: Jeanette Dilone

Producer: Jeanette Dilone,

Andrew McLaren

Writer: Jeanette Dilone

Cast: Laura Guzman, Rina Meija

An Afro-Latina struggles with her identity as she navigates the Hollywood machine.

Keep Warm

United States / Drama / 12mins

Director: Olivia Leong Sulkowicz,

Blair Cannon

Producer: Olivia Leong Sulkowicz,

Blair Cannon

Writer: Olivia Leong Sulkowicz,

Blair Cannon

Cast: Shigeko Suga, Geoff Lee



After decades of making space for others, an East Asian grandmother finally begins to explore her romantic and sexual self.


United States / Comedy / 13mins

Director: Eric Whitten

Producer: Eric Whitten, Eddie Lebron

Writer: Eric Whitten

Cast: John Patrick Hayden,

Dwayne A Thomas, Noel Elie

One detective caught in the middle of an ever-polarizing world of Chalk is forced to face his past when confronted with the city's biggest criminal; The Chalk Killer.