Program 8

August 21 - 27


United States / Drama / 17mins

Director: Sergio Caballero

Producer: William Amenta,

Benna Douglas

Writer: Sergio Caballero

Cast: Juliet Brett, Jami Tennille

After a telephone message is misinterpreted, three generations of women cope with the death of the man who binds them all.

Like Father

United States / Drama / 21mins

Director: Jonathan Chekroune

Producer: Jaselle Martino

Writer: Jonathan Chekroune, Matt Stall

Cast: Garrett Stivers, Siobhan Brandman

A man travels to a small town in hopes to find answers to his father’s disappearance.

The Grass is Always Greener on TV

United States / Documentary / 15mins

Director: Matt Pizzano

Producer: Nic Wehmeyer

Before TV binging was our collective reality, Mark Bennett obsessively memorized every detail in the 1950s television shows of his childhood. These idyllic imaginary worlds were an escape from his isolated life filled with traumatic memories and became the source of his art. 

The Big Ask

United States / Drama / 12mins

Director: Jaki Bradley

Producer: Nora Unkel, Devin Shepherd

Writer: Jordan Mann

Cast: Kelli Barrett, Sathya Sridharan



When impulsive Callen agrees to donate her eggs to her perfect big sis, she thinks she’s gaining the world—free rent, sick apartment, and cash in hand. But in her new life nothing is her own, not even her body.


United States / Drama / 10mins

Director: Martinique Watson, Tarik Smith

Producer: Martinique Watson,

Tarik Smith

Writer: Martinique Watson

Cast: Martinique Watson,

Candace Maxwell

A young black woman faces conflict when going against what is normal in her community