Program 9

August 21 - 27

Can Collector

United States / Drama / 19mins

Director: Joe Craig

Producer: Joe Craig, Zana Bochar

Writer: Joe Craig

Cast: Shivam Chopra, Gloria Bess

After breaking into a house, a burglar finds a beautiful, antique sword-- but he also discovers a bedridden woman in the same room. In exchange for her safety, the woman offers to tell the story of the sword's origin, knowledge of which will increase its value to collectors.

Fighting the Voices

United States / Drama / 10mins

Director: Cristina Boyd

Producer: Joshua Michael Payne,

Elisha Lawson

Writer: Cristina Boyd

Cast: Cristina Boyd, Leslie Ane Jones

A young woman, Alex, comes face to face with her own fears and anxieties that manifest themselves within flashbacks to her past. Will she confront the voices or let them win?


United States / Drama / 9mins

Director: Clayton Combe

Producer: Clayton Combe,

Kelsey Combe

Writer: Clayton Combe

Cast: Samantha Scaffidi,

Suly Sky Vining

A 1950s housewife struggles to accept her place in the world, while hiding herself and her young son from an aggressive door-to-door salesman.

Deep Creak

United States / Drama / 13mins

Director: John Knipp, Joel Flora

Producer: Natasha Shumny,

Katherine Lingle

Writer: John Knipp, Joel Flora

Cast: Christopher Morson, Laura Gede



Noah, a disgruntled writer, searches for creative seclusion at an old waterfront cabin. After a power outage leads him to the basement, Noah discovers the identity of a previous tenant.


United Kinkdom  / Sci-fi / 2mins

Director: Ben Craig

Producer: Debbie Ross

Writer: Ben Craig

Cast: Ian Hanmore

One man recalling memories from his childhood. As the piece progresses we realise his recollections, in all their fond and sensory vividness, contain something more sinister. This is not just the memories of one man’s childhood, but of humankind’s memories of HOME.