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OCTOBER 27, 1:00PM

Halyna Hutchins

 Homage to cinematographer Halyna Hutchins

We will announce the winner of the 2022 Halyna Hutchins Cinematography Award.

Halyna Hutchins



Film homage to  cinematographer Halyna Hutchins who worked on more than 30 feature-length films, short films, and TV miniseries.

I am Normal.jpg
I Am Normal

2020 / United States / Drama / 19 mins

Director: Olia Oparina

Writer: Anya Bay 

Cinematographer: Halyna Hutchins

Cast: Nora-Jane Noone, Saul Rubinek

A sane woman fakes the symptoms of a mentally unstable patient in order to be admitted into a mental institution for a secret psychiatric experiment. Inspired by the Rosenhan Experiment of 1973.

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